What’s Involved in Writing a Good Case Study?

Writing an excellent case research study surpasses simply an easy review. They display how a real-life client utilized your product and services to resolve an authentic issue. They highlight how you assisted them achieve their objective.

A great case research study is composed with your possible consumer in mind as the audience. The primary goal is to reveal that you’’ ve assisted others with comparable issues, and you can assist them, too. One stating frequently tossed around in composing is ““ Show, put on ’ t inform. ” A case research study reveals your audience what your business can do.


Writing a great case research study includes consisting of crucial parts that will resonate with your audience. Below are a couple of fundamental actions to think about.

.8 Steps to Writing a Good Case Study.

Consider Your Audience –– What kind of consumer are you pursuing? The topic of the case research study ought to be somebody that they can associate with. If not, they won’’ t draw the connection that you desire them to make. When the topic has to do with somebody in your target audience, possible consumers are most likely to relate to the topic, and leave all set to do something about it.

Do Thorough Research –– Case research studies need particular and precise information. You can go through an interview procedure with the topic, or you can inquire to submit a type. Keep in mind, at that point, they are exceeding and beyond for you. It assists to be versatile and choose a procedure that satisfies their convenience level. It might assist to advise them that taking part in the case research study can increase brand name awareness and deal extra promotion.

Make it Easy to Digest –– It’’ s crucial to supply something that your audience can relate to. This implies talking to your reader in terms they can comprehend if you are in a complicated field. Your case research study, similar to your other marketing products, shouldn’’ t seem like the engineering department composed it.

It’’ s likewise essential to make it more scannable for individuals searching for quick options. Here are some tips:

.Supply subheads to separate long areas of text. These can be placed naturally anywhere there is a shift in the copy.Images make the file more aesthetically friendly.Bulleted lists highlight the most essential topic in an easy-to-read style.Bolded text and pull quotes can be utilized to highlight essential principles and points.

Your reader might have an interest in one crucial element of your case research study. Utilizing the methods above can assist them to find precisely what they’’ re trying to find.

Provide a Complete Picture –– The issue that your topic in the event research study deals with requirements to feel genuine. It requires to be something that a reader can relate to. The reader requires to be able to put themselves in the shoes of the subject and comprehend what their goals were, and how you assisted them to fulfill their requirements.

One advantage of the web is that a case research study can end up being a living file. As soon as their requirements are fulfilled, you can follow up with them regularly to see how your services and items are still working.

Use Specific Data –– There’’ s a distinction in between ““ Doubled sales ” and went from $80,000 in earnings to $160,000. Going from $500 to $1,000 is likewise doubling sales, however it might not be the greatest outcome. When you define, you are painting a clear photo –– something that your reader will take advantage of.

This uniqueness can assist develop rely on your brand name and offer your reader an accurate concept of how you can assist.

Talk About Your Process –– What option did you select and why? Existed other options that could have been used? Get particular with precisely what you did to accomplish outcomes. That method your prospective consumers get a more accurate understanding of how you can assist them.

One typical objection to this point is that you may be handing out your tricks. A case research study need to show your market competence, in order to construct trust. Consider an article from a plumbing professional on how to repair a leaking faucet. The majority of property owners (myself consisted of) would be on the phone with that plumbing by action 2.

He might have handed out a little bit of market understanding to compose that post, however he’’ s the one who ’ s able to carry out on it the very best. And who do you believe that reader is going to call when they identify it’’ s beyond their pay grade?

Repurpose the Content –– Some of your audience might be readers. Others might desire the exact same info through podcast or video. Fortunately is as soon as you’’ ve developed a composed case research study, the exact same info can be repurposed to fit other content formats. This will assist make certain that you’’ re reaching your whole audience.


Make it Accessible– Writing an excellent case research study suggests that you’’ ll have important material for your audience to purchase choice. Those case research studies can be positioned plainly on your site in order to attain optimum exposure. You can likewise share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms as soon as you have actually a finished case research study in hand. If you are associated with social networks groups, make certain to share them there, too.

.Employ a Case Study Copywriter.

Writing an excellent case research study takes work. It’’ s a procedure that might require to be improved and resolved with time. Employing an expert case research study copywriter might be the best option if it is more than you are able to take on at the minute. Employing this job out has the advantage of permitting you to concentrate on more core elements of running your organization.

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