UMC’s “5th Ward” Returns For Season 2 Starring Mya, Omar Gooding & Carl Anthony Payne II

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Source: UMC

UMC Drama series “5th Ward” is back for Season 2 that follows veteran Houston homeowner, Mina ( M ý a ), who’s been having a hard time to make ends satisfy considering that losing her spouse. Now a single mom of 2 boys, James and older bro Ray Ray, Mina fears for their security after an argument at a regional corner store ends extremely.

When James is eliminated from her following a cops encounter, Mina fights with the idealism of staying on the narrow and straight and the truth of what challenging choices her situations will need her to make.

Season 2 overtakes Blue (Gary Sturgis) and Mina waiting for the birth of their very first kid together while haunted by ghosts from their checkered pasts.

Mina’’ s brother-in-law, Police Commander Robert Kennedy (Omar Gooding), is attempting to psychologically recuperate from the occasions of a stopped working operation.

Now under examination by internal affairs, he relies on pal Councilman Kendrick Davis (Carl Anthony Payne II) in a look for responses to resolve the mystical world of the 5th Ward.

Meanwhile, star-crossed enthusiasts Ray Kennedy (Carter Redwood) and Jazmine discover both their households attempting to keep them apart as Bam (Chris O’Neal) handle stunning modifications to his life.

The series is based upon author, manufacturer and director Greg Carter’s very first motion picture “Fifth Ward” and streams specifically on the Urban Movie Channel (” UMC”) readily available on a range of streaming platforms consisting of Amazon Prime Video and On Demand.