The Top 10 Nonprofit Marketing Trends for 2021

With less than 3 months up until the start of the brand-new year, now is the time to begin preparing ahead. The world of marketing, especially digital marketing, is constantly altering. As you construct the budget plan and advertising method for your not-for-profit company, you require to prepare as much as you can.

That’’ s simpler stated than done, particularly in an environment as unpredictable as this. Similar to a lot of other markets, COVID-19 has actually turned the not-for-profit sector on its head. That contributes to the currently fast modification of speed in internet marketing to make anticipating this coming year more intricate and difficult than ever.

We’’ ll provide it our finest anyhow. Below are our leading 10 patterns and forecasts for not-for-profit marketing in 2021, all based upon both external research study and our own experience in the field. Let’’ s dive in.


 Symbols of non revenue marketing in between 2 hands

.1. COVID-19 Turns the Nonprofit Sector Virtual.

Despite a recession that up until now reveals little indications of complete healing, COVID-19 has in fact increased charitable offering in America. The intent and execution behind those presents, however, is altering:

.Offering is more carefully linked to COVID-19 associated efforts, along with efforts to assist those in requirement with health and individual care.Male and couples have actually specifically increased their share of contributions, opening brand-new audience chances.Offering has actually ended up being challenging or difficult oftentimes, turning more efforts into monetary contributions than formerly.

That last point, particularly, is substantial. The absence of in-person volunteering and occasion networking chances has actually made the virtual element of not-for-profit marketing more crucial than ever. In 2021, that virtual part will end up being an important part of any marketing method.

That implies structure virtual trips that immerse your audience into your physical areas. Virtual occasions and meet-and-greets take spotlight, as does a thorough digital interaction strategy to reach and engage your audience behind a screen.

.2. Gen Z Enters the Nonprofit World.

Charitable providing boosts are likewise driven by a brand-new generation going into the audience mix. Generation Z is maturing and prepared to add to society.

Gen Z describes the generation born in 1996 and later on, indicating its earliest members will turn 25 next year. That, naturally, is the prime age to end up being routine donors for charitable contributions to their company of option.

Another aspect: most social researchers think Gen Z to be the most socially mindful generation . If they think in you, they’’ ll ended up being faithful members and factors.


Are you prepared for this generation to make a concrete distinction in your audience mix next year? You’’ ll requirement material that ’ s available to them, consisting of concise and brief declarations of worth and worth. This is the time to ensure your messages and channels are gotten ready for Gen Z.

.3. The Digital Advertising Mix is Changing.

Speaking of Gen Z: with brand-new audiences come brand-new marketing channels that are essential to utilize. Yes, your site stays your focal point online, and Facebook is as pertinent as it’’ s ever been. What about going beyond those channels?

Consider the brand-new channels offered to you:

.Instagram, which (after it broke 1 billion active users this year) is no longer simply a specific niche channel.TikTok, whose quick development saw it break 100 million active users in the U.S. this previous August.SMS marketing, with 75% of customers now stating they are comfy getting texts from brand names.

And those brand-new channels put on’’ t even think about the considerable shifts and updates in the significant channels like Facebook and Google. Put all of it together, and it’’ s clear that as we move into 2021, nonprofits require to take a close take a look at their channel mix and make tweaks that continue enhancing their budget plans and efforts for their environment.

.4. Audience Segmentation Takes Center Stage in Email Appeals.

You learn about e-mail as one of the core methods to interact with your audience online. e-mail marketing for nonprofits is quickly altering, and we forecast that 2021 will be the tipping point for separating the great from the bad in the not-for-profit world.

The driving element: audience division. Merely sending out push e-mails to your entire database no longer yields outcomes. We now send out more than 300 billion e-mails every day. Get this channel incorrect, and you’’ ll get lost in the mess and sound of the typical e-mail inbox.

Instead, importance is the name of the video game. Each e-mail you send out need to be personally pertinent to individuals getting it. That, in turn, is just possible through reliable e-mail list division. And you can begin that procedure now.

Take an appearance at your database, and start to break up your audience into fairly homogenous groups. Frequent and present donors might be one group, however wear’’ t hesitate to go deeper. Comparable demographics (like the Gen Z note above) can even more assist you section your lists to individualize your appeals.

.5. Customization Goes Next Level.

Speaking of customization, division is just the initial step. If you’’ re not individualizing your not-for-profit marketing messages in 2021, you may be in severe problem.

It’’ s not almost getting in a given name in your e-mail salutation, either. Three-quarters of customers now feel annoyed if their site experience isn’’ t individualized to their requirements. 72% of them just engaged with messaging customized to them.

How can you speak straight to your audience? The closer you get to that individually discussion, the much better. That’’ s specifically the case provided the other patterns pointed out in this post– Gen Z anticipates customization more than any other generation prior to them. The brand-new virtual nature of marketing has actually taken a few of that individual touch away.

So this is it. Purchase systems that enable you to construct personalized messaging for your audience , despite channels. Develop out methods and interaction strategies particularly created to speak to on-the-fence members of your target audience.

.6. Videos for Your Website and Advertising Are No Longer Optional.

Similar to customization, video has actually been a not-for-profit marketing pattern for a while, however 2021 will be the year when we lastly reach the tipping point. If you wear’’ t utilize video messages as part of your marketing mix , you ’ re fizzling on satisfying( and surpassing )audience expectations.


Here ’ s the important things: According to Cisco, video is anticipated to comprise 82% of all online traffic next year . That ’ s most likely why a clear bulk of individuals desire online marketers to produce more video .


It ’ s time to stay up to date with and ride that pattern. Nonprofit is a particularly pertinent sector for video, with its moving visuals being a best match for individual and psychological appeals. You can share behind-the-scenes video or display the effect of contributions– all strongly communicating your company ’ s objective.


Don ’ t forget the power of live streaming, either. More than 150 million individuals view live stream videos on a monthly basis. For motivation, take a look at the Children ’ s Miracle Network Hospitals ’ Extra Life project , which has actually created countless contributions through the power of live streams.

. 7. New Opportunities( and Expectations) for the Donation Process.

How simple is your contribution procedure for both brand-new and existing members of your not-for-profit? The response to that concern might alter the method you ’ re thinking of theprocedure. In the current past, we ’ ve seen extreme enhancements to the procedure, consisting of (however not restricted to ):

. Social network fundraising events that enable you to contribute without ever leaving the platform. One-click buy chances comparable to Amazon ’ s button that utilize innovation like PayPal and Apple Pay. Contributions through text messaging, right from mobile phones.

Here ’ sthe difficulty– can you fulfill your donors on’their preferred channel, and make contributing take 30 seconds or less? That ’ s what your audience anticipates.

. 8. Re-Engaging Lapsed Donors Limits Audience Variability.

It ’ s simple to anticipate that your existing donors will matter more than anything else through the rest of this year and into 2021.As COVID-19 has actually restricted monetary versatility, donors tend to go back to their “ convenience zone ” and offer to the organizations they ’ re currently acquainted with, and whom they understand can make a distinction.


But what about those that have offered to you in the past, however no longer do? Now” is a chance to construct a technique for them. They might have been brief on cash, or have actually turned their attention to other not-for-profit alternatives. And yet, eventually in the past, they acknowledged you as deserving of their attention and cash.


Re-engaging these lapsed donors is a vital method to restrict your irregularity and count on audiences that have actually shown to flourish in the current past. You ’ ll requirement to have a couple of pieces in location to get there:

. A database or platform that quickly determines your lapsed sections and donors them into a single audience group. Analytics and reporting tools that permit you to discover the unifying qualities of this lapsed donor audience group. An engaging message ready that triggers lapsed donors to begin considering you once again. A simple check-out procedure that keeps in mindtheir previous details and moves them through the procedure at their chosen speed. 9. Growing Sustainers Builds Predictability.

Lapsed donors will be amongst your crucial audiences in 2021.It still doesn ’ t rather reach the greatest concern group– your sustainers, the reputable every-year providers who make upthe foundation structure your fundraising strategyTechnique


As audiences narrow, this group must become your support. That suggests 2 things above all:

. Keeping your existing sustainers engaged — to guarantee they will stay close and devoted members of your core audience. Investing substantial effort to grow brand-new sustainers from your periodic donors.

That last piece may be the most hard. It suggests locking donors into multi-year dedications, turning them from one-time to routine factors at the same time. Just a concise worth proposal, combined with constant, appealing interactions particularly to these audiences throughout channels, can make that practical and possible.


When you arrive, however, the advantages are substantial. The more sustainers you can rely on your side, the more foreseeable your income will end up being. A big portion of this group in your general donor mix even makes it simpler to weather the storm that is COVID-19.

. 10. Quality Content Moves From Desirable to Essential.

According to one study, 92% of not-for-profit online marketers usage a minimum of some kind of material marketing, while65% of them have actually increased their material production speed.


In other words, not-for-profit material is crowded. It ’ s no longer sufficient to just develop it; rather, high quality material is ending up being necessary.


We ’ ve started to seeleading not-for-profit material online marketers utilize storytelling through some choices discussed above, consisting of video and platforms like TikTok. The increase of tools like Facebook and Instagram Stories has actually even more assisted because ability.


But at its core, it ’ s even easier than that: no matter what material you release or what channels you take advantage of, quality comes. Every piece of material must provide your audience some insight about your cause and company, or some takeaway that really assists them resolve their discomfort points. You ’ re currently winning if you can achieve that in 2021.

. Moving Into 2021 With a Strong Marketing Strategy.

It ’ s not rather Christmas in July, however October implies that it ’ s previous time to begin considering your 2021 marketing method. Specifically in the not-for-profit sector, which can be slower-moving when it pertains to decision-making and budgeting, a strong structure now can make all the distinction as soon as that Times Square ball has actually dropped.