The Surveyhead Guide for Beginners

Many survey participants get lost in the hundreds of open doors in the worldwide web. Articles and blogs confuse them in the direction they are taking towards maximizing paid surveys. To simplify their search, some people sign up for the top survey panels listed in the sites of unreliable sources. If you really want to get results, wrap up your search and join Surveyhead.

Among the list of legitimate panels, Surveyhead is by far the most successful in satisfying their participants. It realizes all the promised benefits of paid surveys, such as flexibility in your loaded timetable. Their system of releasing surveys and polls does not pressure their members into taking them right away. In surveyhead, you get total control you need so this part-time job supports rather than hinders your other commitments. Above all, you will earn the extra money you need. You can be rest assured that the minutes you spend answering questions will pay off in cash.

If you get the feeling that all these must be too good to be true, then continue reading to acquire a better awareness of what surveyhead is truly all about.

Background Check

This panel originated from United Sample, an online market research company with a long history. It was founded by Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin in 2008 and has since ventured to provide credible research date for a lot of companies. They are also the minds responsible for the success of goZing, a company famous in the field of online samples.

In 2005, Gregg and Matt sold goZing to Greenfield online. The record of goZing before it was sold is a testament to what can be expected from Surveyhead. The former reportedly spent 5 million to its members since its launch on 1998. Its successor will naturally be in a better shape.

Member Experience

Surveyhead practices strategic methods in handling their surveys and their members. Simply signing up for this panel will encourage you, because it gives away $5 as bonus. You must then proceed to complete your profile. Remember to be honest about the details you include without risking your safety.

Do not get suspicious with questions regarding your hobbies and your activities with family members. Surveyors need to know these things in order to fit you into your proper demographic. This is their way of making sure that the people who answer their surveys are credible, or else they will risk submitting a false report to their clients.

The best way to manage your surveys is by organizing them in your dashboard. You no longer have to swim in all those prompts in your email account. Surveyhead keeps your profile in their website regularly updated. You will appreciate this perk later on, when you see for yourself how fast this panel adds new surveys.

Learn how to navigate your dashboard, because there are a lot of useful features there that can help you. A scale called ‘Odds of Your Being Allowed to Participate’ that creates its measurements based on your profile allows you to be wiser in your survey-taking regimen. This way, you can make sure every question you answer will reap you a harvest.

Payment Process

Patience is one of the most significant virtues in paid surveys. A section in your dashboard shows you the status of the rewards you are earning. You need to acquire the minimum amount of $25 before you can redeem them in actual cash. After you make your request to cash-out, your money will undergo processing for as long as 4-6 weeks.

If there is a delay of one week after the due date of its arrival, contact Surveyhead at support[at]surveyhelpcenter[dot]com.

Getting paid for surveys cannot get any better than this. Make sure your friends know that by sharing this article with them. Leave us a comment to let us know about your thoughts on Surveyhead.