The SmallBizChat Podcast: Helping Your Employees Be Safe and Stay Motivated During COVID-19 with Lori M. Ruffin

 Helping Your Employees Be Safe and Stay Motivated During COVID-19 with Lori M. Ruffin 1200 x 1200

Lori Ruffin is a business owner, speaker, and creator of the COO Team, previously referred to as Stream Strategic Planning Co. With substantial experience in the nationwide and global non-profit world’s inner operations, Lori joins her customers on their journey to broaden their organization and produce the systems they require to grow their company. She is enthusiastic about assisting leaders satisfy their function and discover the capability to concentrate on their enthusiasms. She holds a Bachelor’’ s degree in Business Administration with an unique concentrate on Marketing, Minors Urban Practice and Policy, and Spanish from the University of Richmond – – Robins School of Business and an MBA in Business Administration and Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Regent University.

Lori joins me today to discuss what her customers are doing to ride out the pandemic and how her group is assisting. She shares her pointers on keeping individuals determined and assisting everybody feel valued and safe throughout difficult times. Lori highlights why it’’ s crucial to keep your organization worths and objective in mind when developing techniques and how you can assist your workers belong to the procedure. She likewise shares the important things you can talk about with your group, those working and on furlough, to assist them remain engaged with business.

““ Our capability to support our groups truly makes a distinction in whether we are really going to have the ability to make it through times like this.” – ” – Lori Ruffin


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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

.What Lori and the COO group have actually been doing to assist leaders determine how to support their individuals throughout the pandemic.How to keep groups encouraged throughout the pandemic.Why it’s necessary to review your company worths.How to choose in between a reset or a reboot for your service.When guiding your company through these altering times, why your vision and objective are crucial elements.How company owner can produce safe and inviting environments for staff members going back to work.If workers are not comfy about coming back to work, what to do.How to produce efficient interaction channels and motivate originalities.How you can remain linked to furloughed staff members.Helping and handling staff member that still have their task.What you and your group requirement to think about for the future of the business and techniques you can deal with.The discussions you require to have with your workers.How Lori remains encouraged in her company.

Resources Mentioned:

Lead Stories Podcast with Joe Saxton and Stephanie Williams O’’ Brien . Canva Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of United States Have to Give Up in Order to Move Forward – – by Henry Cloud The E-Myth Revisited – – by Michael Gerber

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