The Relationship Between Automated Drip Campaigns & Your Sales Process

This post is a comprehensive description of something I’’ ve discovered an unexpected variety of online marketers to be mistaken or uninformed about … automated drip projects and the sales procedure.

.Automated Drip Campaign Definition.

Marketing automation or automated drip projects are workflows established within a marketing automation platform, such as Hubspot or Marketo. These workflows are set to send out targeted and prompt e-mail messages based upon an action taken within a specified sales journey.

Notice I stated sales journey and not a sales funnel. I’’ ll discuss in a minute. Let’’ s talk about workflows. A workflow is merely a flow diagram of if/then actions. It can look something like this …


Here’’ s an information of a number of those squares …

The point of these projects is to carry out tactical and targeted touchpoints as your potential customers move through the sales journey. The objective of these workflows is not to maul individuals with e-mails however to be there at the correct time with the best message.

.The Death of the Sales Funnel.

Some call the sales journey a funnel, Scott Stratten calls it a cloud . When setting up a drip project, I believe this is essential to comprehend.

Here is an example of a standard sales funnel from

This makes best sense in theory. It entirely disregards the truth of how all customers go shopping today. When you went through each of these actions in order prior to making a purchase, inform me a time.

It doesn’’ t occur.

. The Sales Cloud and the Drip Campaign.

The sales funnel presumes that you are in control of the course to conversion. Eliminate that thinking. It’’ s not possible. The customer is on their own journey.

And this journey frequently starts well prior to they even get to that awareness action in the funnel. As Scott points out in his short article on the Sales Cloud , about 60% of purchase choices are made prior to a customer even goes into the funnel.

.Example of Scott Stratten’’ s Sales Cloud.


They’’ ve currently done their research study, now they require to understand they’’ re making the ideal choice. They require recognition and motivation to take that last action.

This is where the drip project can be found in. In some way you’’ ve caught their attention. Might be from an advertisement or possibly an e-mail directing them to a landing page.

Maybe a post appeared in a search while they were doing their research study. Perhaps somebody was speaking about you on social networks, or perhaps they saw a sponsored post in their social feed.

However you got their attention, you require to keep it. A drip project can aid with this. It is a method to reengage an educated customer utilizing a mix of timing, targeted material, and automation.

.Timing, Targeted Content, and Automation.

Timing is whatever in a drip project. When you connect to these potential customers can imply the distinction in between a conversion and an upset e-mail informing you to leave them alone.

The finest method to draw up your timing is to utilize a mix of tactical objectives, efficient messaging, and a lot of compassion . Seriously, you require to genuinely understand your client prior to you can begin pinging them with automated e-mails.

Set your workflow up such that you are setting up these reactions based upon a particular action. This might be something like …

.User clicks an advertisement and finished a type on a landing page –>–> you send them a thank you email with a deal.They click a link in an e-mail newsletter –>–> wait one week and email them an associated post.You send them email newsletters however they do not click links –>–> wait one week and send out a follow-up e-mail with a targeted message and link.

You can think of that these charts can get made complex quite rapidly. I’’ m sure you can likewise see the power in this.

.Credibility in Automation.

If you understand the possible courses they can take and you comprehend this individual, you can time the actions and messages based upon what would encourage them to continue along that course instead of simply blasting them with messages that do not resonate and merely frustrate them.

Be genuine with your messaging, be you. When they require it, make sure the messages you are sending out serve a function for the user and are timed so they get the message.

I asked Scott Stratten his viewpoint on marketing automation and credibility. He stated, ““ I believe there is a terrific marital relationship in between automation and likewise credibility, or scalability and credibility, where it’’ s under the guise of either context or context for individuals.””


In other words, you can utilize automation to wow them or assist them. You can utilize automation to reveal that you wish to be there for them in their time of requirement.

So, while this isn’’ t your common post about drip projects, it is very important to comprehend that how you established your project might be the distinction in between accomplishing your objectives and entirely bothersome and alienating your audience. Please select the previous.

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