The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao & Mindvalley

The Quest for Personal Mastery is a course by my affiliate friends at Mindvalley and best-selling author, TED Speaker and consultant, Professor Srikumar Rao. The Personal Mastery Quest is for everyone who wants to experience unheard-of levels of abundance, significance, and happiness while having the practical wisdom to weather any adversity they face along the way.

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TQPM1The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao & Mindvalley

The Quest for Personal Mastery is a Success-Proven Spiritual Framework That Will Help You 10X Your Happiness, Attract Unheard of Levels of Abundance and Develop Unstoppable Resilience

Join MBA Lecturer Srikumar Rao for this incredible learning adventure and rapidly assimilate the same time-tested insights and life-shifting wisdom he shares with the world’s top CEOs, executives, and thought leaders on TED Talks and conference stages around the world.

Just imagine how exciting and fulfilling your life will be when you discover how to:

Access a robust inner voice that guides you, prevents you from being the “victim” of forces beyond your control, and steers you on the right path.
Quickly befriend and team up with the Universe to co-create a new and exciting “reality” that is grounded in a “we centered” approach to life.
Instantly identify temporary obstacles as growth challenges in disguise so you can quickly bounce back and boldly step into the life you choose.
Cultivate the unbreakable resolve to overcome obstacles through powerful re-framing techniques so you can turn the tables on “tragedy,” no matter what is happening around you.

The traditional way of taking courses is: you invest in a course, and you study it by yourself, on your own time, for about 8-10 hours. Some might do it over a weekend, and some others might stretch it out over several months.

But since you’re doing it by yourself, and it lacks accountability and excitement.

The Quest For Personal Mastery is run on Mindvalley’s Quest learning platform, where you go through the Program along with thousands of others under real-time guidance from Professor Srikumar Rao.

It’s a 45 Day Coaching Program on Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Platform (So You Learn At Up To 500% Better Than Conventional Programs)

In just 45 days, this Program will help you access the infinite wisdom of the Universe, and summon its “hidden hand” to unlock the doors to unlimited abundance and happiness in your life.

This epic learning adventure starts this month as you join Srikumar Rao and a tribe of thousands in search of The Quest for Personal Mastery: The Freedom To Flow With Life.

Srikumar Rao

To share with you how convincing Srikumar Rao is, we need you to hear the incredible story about why TED contacted him. As you know, it is a massive honor to speak at TED – where only the global elite, including Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, and Richard Branson, are invited to talk.

While there are countless TEDx conferences around the world, few speeches ever make the website. Srikumar Rao was a notable exception.

Rao’s message resonated so powerfully with his audience that as soon as TED organizers found out, they made him one of the seven people in the world whose non-TED speech made it on Since it was posted, Rao’s speech on finding happiness has had well over 1 million views.

But Srikumar Rao is more than just a dazzling public speaker. He also happens to be one of the most popular MBA lecturers in America. His course remains among the highest-rated courses at many of the world’s top business schools, including Columbia University and The London Business School.

Srikumar’s breakthrough lectures have become so popular, attendees need to join a year-long waiting list of thousands to get in, and his courses are the first of their kind to have its own alumni association.

Free Mindvalley Masterclass with Srikumar Rao

If you’ve ever wondered how to build resilience and respond to any setback you face in life with calm and poise, you’ll want to join best-selling author Srikumar Rao and Mindvalley for this 60 Minute Masterclass.

Sit back and relax as Professor Rao delivers 5 ‘Bounce Back Hacks’ you can use today to quickly land on your feet no matter how hard you’ve been knocked down.

Discover 5 powerful ways to Develop Extreme Resilience so you too can respond to any setback you face with Calm and Poise. Learn how to experience profound levels of Happiness and Fulfillment- even in the toughest times. Register for this month’s FREE Masterclass with best-selling author and ‘Business Buddah’ Srikumar Rao.

What “extreme resilience” is and what it’s not and how to use it to construct an alternate reality better than the painful one you may be experiencing now
Why fighting or bribing the Universe to get “your way” doesn’t work (and what to do so it always has your back)
The astonishingly easy way to release yourself from the prison of disempowering thoughts (warning: this powerful mind hack flies in the face of what most “positive psychologists” recommend)
The startling connection between goal obsession and crippling self-doubt: here’s how to disentangle yourself so you can enjoy every step of the journey towards ultimate success
How a 700-year-old poem by an Afghan refugee can instantly help you get unstuck, out of pain and into a blissful state of flow (in less than 15 seconds)
The “missing ingredient” in gratitude practices… and why without it, you’ll never experience the deep connection and transformation you desire
How to re-frame and re-label unexpected obstacles as excellent opportunities for growth and respond creatively no matter how bad things might seem
An adventurous shift in perspective that awakens the fortune hunter inside of you watch in amazement as you magnetically attract all the people, resources, and luck you need to win.

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll discover how to re-frame and re-label unexpected obstacles as Awesome Opportunities for Growth and respond creatively no matter how bad things might seem. Click here to register and book your free of life

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