The Pu-Pu Platter and Creating Content Marketing Samplers

 Two individuals consume off of a pu-pu plate. I’ve been dealing with my brand-new book, Toilet Paper Math, and recently I discussed the 3 Ps of believed management . Today I wish to discuss pu-pu, or the pu-pu plate of material marketing. Hey, what would a bathroom tissue book lack a little potty humor?

Seriously, however, a pu-pu plate is something you’ll discover in a hawaiian dining establishment or a chinese dining establishment and it generally has a selection of foods. This can consist of an egg roll, chicken, shrimp, beef, you call it. Essentially, it’s a sampler prior to you buy the main dish. It’s an excellent concept to sample things, to get a taste of what they’re like. That’s what the pu-pu plate involves material. I’m discussing developing samples that get individuals to buy your main dish. Completion objective of all of this is to clearly get them to take in the square meal of your material.

.The Content Sampler.

Next I’m going to break this below long-form material to one of the most standard or awareness material.

.In-Person Meeting.

 A big in-person conference The greatest type of material that I’ve become part of and have actually advised my customers to hold is a conference. A half-day conference or an in-person conference, it might even be online. Typically, it’s a webinar or a workshop or training that occurs face to face. I do the exact same thing with a half-day LinkedIn Bootcamp. That’s my variation of what I do and I understand clients can do the exact same thing. The charm of this is it produces a lots of material. Normally, there’ll be 3, 4, or 6 various discussions. If each one of those was tape-recorded, believe of what you can do. You might have 6 private discussions that you might utilize on the internet. You may even wish to work with a professional photographer and a videographer to tape whatever that’s going on that day.

There’s a lots of material there. You might likewise relay it as a live stream on social networks. You might break each discussion down into its own micro discussion. You might transform those to audio for podcasts. You can produce teaser videos to drive traffic to future variations of this or future occasions. You can produce images for social networks and you can produce awareness graphics that will hand out a few of the core training ideas to bring in a brand-new audience.


 An example of a webinar recording The virtual variation of in-person conferences are webinars. Webinars tend to be about an hour or a half-hour long. Consider it as one piece of that all-day discussion. Webinars are a fantastic tool to develop understand, like, and trust around your organisation. You can do a basic PowerPoint or slides discussion, mix in some live demonstrations, and produce a tool that can be utilized over and over once again. You can publish them to Vimeo or YouTube to speed them up on your site and produce shareable links for social networks.

Don’t forget, you can do a few of the very same things discussed previously. You might transmit it survive on social networks. You might publish it on your site to gather names. Simply put, someone needs to register to enjoy the replay.

You can transform the discussion to audio or an eBook. You can transform the slides into an eBook. And, you can take those slides and turn them into teaser graphics and once again, you can have a lots of various images and material to publish on social networks.


Videos can vary from anything from brief to long. Among the important things I might inform you about video on the web is brevity is king. Individuals will focus on a 30 2nd video, a one minute video. If you begin to get to the 5 to 10 minute variety, they much better have a factor to desire to see that much material. You might take a 10 minute video and cut out one minute pieces if you’re going to produce videos. The other thing you might wish to do is utilize a closed captioning program to put the words being spoken out on the screen since a great deal of times social networks does not immediately switch on the audio when it gets to that video.

You can produce little brief teaser videos utilizing something like Animoto, [Vismay 00:04:25], Vimeo, and Canva will even enable you to export audio and video together. When you’re producing these much shorter videos, there’s lots of various methods to do them.

I wish to ensure there’s 2 essential things that you do. Primary, you struck them with a bang upfront. When it’s in a newsfeed, you desire to get attention. The 2nd thing is you wish to make certain there’s a call to action. Either in text on the video or at the end of the video, some programs will let to put in a link to go someplace. The CTA is utilized to drive traffic to your webinar or your next live discussion. Once again, you can host them on YouTube or Vimeo.

You can publish them to social networks. You can drive traffic to other videos or blog sites or a site. You can utilize this to produce advertisements in social media and search marketing. You can produce awareness for other material. And, you might utilize a video to drive individuals to your podcast or to your blog sites and with some tools like Vidyard, you can really embed those videos in an e-mail. There’s great deals of various methods to utilize them.


 The within a podcast recording studio Another tool, which I’m extremely keen on is podcast or audio. With audio, you can do an entire lot of things that you may not believe of. I transcribe this podcast every single time and turn it into a blog site (which you’re checking out right now). In some cases I get bits and pieces of it and turn them into quotes or what I call Baconisms and after that I can toss them up on social networks. I can transform this podcast to text. I can transform it to a discussion by including slides. And I might likewise take the ideas and turn them into one-minute pieces that end up being a flash instruction on Alexa.

Again, from this audio, there are great deals of methods to utilize it to bring in individuals to more of your material. Podcasts are listened to in vehicles, in workplaces, and when individuals exercise. It’s a really individual kind of material that can construct your track record as an idea leader and specialist.


Ebooks normally are a mix of blog sites or they’re composed from scratch. An eBook is a fantastic method to get individuals to come to among your webinars or to get them on your e-mail list. Among the important things I like to do is to series a series of blog sites and after that turn them into an eBook. If you compose a series of 4 or 5 or 10 blog sites, you might do anything from an easy little book to something you might offer on Amazon as a full-blown book. Among the important things you wish to consider while producing an ebook is would someone pay $5, $10 or more to get a copy of it? It ends up being an excellent free gift if they would.

.Blog sites.

 A male types on his laptop computer

Blogs normally rest on your primary site. They’re likewise fantastic since every time you publish a brand-new blog site, Google will re-index your website. It ends up being content that all the other pieces can be driven to. Blog sites are a fantastic method to discuss your procedures, share concepts, produce discussion, and motivate engagement. They can be brief (300 words to get indexed by Google, or long (2500 or more words) if you are revealing research study or discussing a more complicated subject.

You can transform a blog site into a slide discussion. You can produce a podcast into a blog site. You can share it on social media. You can drive traffic back from social networks to the blog site. There are various methods to take that and utilize it, consisting of turning a series of them into an eBook. Blog sites can be standalone foundation pieces or a series. You can take old material and offer it brand-new life with a refurbish and some brand-new images.

Blogs are usually instructional however can be amusing and assist you create believed management. Blog sites can likewise be aggregated or curated by other sites. My blog sites are immediately imported and shown a site called . They can be copied and imported to other sites like Medium, Quora, and other content aggregators. You can likewise transform them to posts shared on LinkedIn.


 An example of an engaging awareness graphic Infographics can take intricate concepts and turn them into eye sweet or graphics that individuals might wish to check out that will describe what’s in your blog site, what’s in your eBook, or what’s in your webinar. Tools like Visme and Canva have infographic design templates, graphics tools, stock images, and more. These make it simple to imagine procedure circulation, information, and other complicated concepts. Think of taking that and diminishing it down into an infographic. They’re likewise excellent for social networks and consisted of in your discussions.

.Awareness Graphics.

These are easy, scroll stopping, eye sweet that gets individuals to click them to get to all of the other material I pointed out previously. They normally have a heading and an image that conjure up feeling. The objective is simply that, to get attention and produce awareness.

.Last Thoughts.

I ‘d like you to begin considering developing material in a manner that turns whatever into a sampler plate and gets individuals to consume your main dish.

I would enjoy to hear your ideas on this. Remark listed below and share your ideas, concepts or concerns about producing a material marketing sampler. Have you needed to get rid of any of the provided ideas? What worked and what did not measure up to your expectations? Do you have any concepts or recommendations you could share?