Simple, Visual Content That Tells Your Nonprofit’s Story

As a not-for-profit leader, you have a really uncomplicated job: raise funds for your not-for-profit’’ s trigger.


At an extremely high level, storytelling is among the methods you can raise those funds for your not-for-profit.

Connecting your audiences, your advocates, and your most significant donors to the work that your not-for-profit does and individuals it straight affects, is necessary. It’’ s how you establish that psychological connection and oblige individuals to care.

But, like the majority of not-for-profit leaders you’’ ll have actually restricted resources, use numerous hats, and a requirement to be continuously imaginative. In the middle of an abrupt crisis or emergency situation, you’’ ll requirement to interact a great deal of details at the same time, and doing that successfully can be a difficulty. Now is the time to step up your not-for-profit marketing video game.

With the current pandemic that has actually interrupted whole nations, you’’ ve most likely needed to pivot your techniques, however likewise interact brand-new objectives and projects to your fans. Having the ideal visuals to do that makes a huge distinction.

If you’’ re in requirement of ready-to-use design templates, you can take a look at this package of resources to handle not-for-profit interactions .

Generally, what can you do that’’ s simple to carry out, simple to scale, and still informs your not-for-profit’’ s story in a convincing and appealing method?

Design simple, visual material.

Your material doesn’’ t require the current bells and whistles out there that style companies or specialists designers can work up. Producing things that are complete and complicated of flash is fantastic, however how frequently can you do it and what will it cost?

Instead, you can concentrate on informing your story typically, and in the most basic method possible, with uncomplicated visuals.

With all the online styles tools offered today, a non-designer can still produce expert, appealing material. Whether you wish to print or make an infographic off pamphlets, with the ideal tool and set of design templates, you can develop interesting material regularly.

I wish to share a couple of various visuals that will assist you inform your not-for-profit’’ s story, whether you ’ re speaking with donors or board members.

.Fundraising development infographics.Effect report infographics.Infographic posters.Not-for-profit pamphlets.Fundraising development infographics.

In her post on marketing charity events on Instagram , Julia Campbell motivates nonprofits to share their fundraising development. She consists of a couple cool examples in her post that are interesting and basic. Infographics are visuals that work throughout channels

The fundraising thermometer infographic is a really familiar visual to the majority of people. It shares whatever the audience requires to understand at a glimpse. There are a lot of methods to get imaginative with the style. Even the most basic style works since it gets your message throughout plainly.


Fundraising development infographics are a crucial visual to show your audiences. They interact vital info for individuals to comprehend what your company is doing, and how they can contribute. Fundraising timelines show development over an amount of time. They likewise produce a sense of seriousness, letting individuals understand that the last day of the project is getting better and if they wish to assist, it needs to be quickly.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind about a fundraising timeline is that it straight includes your audience. They see the daily development. They comprehend that even their contribution amongst hundreds or countless others makes a substantial effect. They understand that genuine actions require to be considered there to be an effect. Your audience comprehends that a neighborhood of individuals have actually currently purchased into your cause and company by supporting it.

.Effect report infographics.

Impact report infographics are amongst the most crucial visuals you can assemble. An effect report infographic is a visual breakdown of the various kinds of effects your company has actually made. They can be consisted of in your yearly reports, month-to-month reports, newsletters, social networks posts and more.

The effect report infographic is a clear and simple method to inform donors where their contributions have actually gone. The secret is to not just report the information, however likewise frame it in such a way that links the information with individuals that have actually been assisted.

This is where the art of not-for-profit storytelling is important. Actually taking a page out of Wholesome Wave’’ s 2015 yearly report, we see an excellent effect report infographic.


Infographic posters.

If we utilize marketing terminology, infographic posters can be a terrific acquisition tool. They’’ re easy enough to style. They put on’’ t need a great deal of text, either. They can be shared anywhere, consisting of in print, social networks and e-mail.

The formula for an infographic poster is simple.

You take a stunning or astonishing fact, set it with an imaginative or appealing visual, and motivate individuals to connect with your company through a call-to-action. With the assistance of stock pictures and a couple of option icons, you’’ ll efficiently match your message.

Check out the easy infographic poster example listed below, which utilizes that formula.


The most fundamental part of your infographic poster is the call-to-action. Constantly consist of one!

You’’ ve done something to attract or surprise your audience. Now they might have concerns, they might aspire to get more information, they might wish to volunteer or contribute. If you put on’’ t recommend a next action, there is no assurance that they will call your company, go to the site, or find out more about the concern you’’ ve pointed out to them.

.Not-for-profit pamphlets.

In this digital period, pamphlets are still really useful and pertinent pieces of security.

For one, you can provide to individuals. They can really hold it, keep it, annotate it, and describe it. Whether they’’ ve visited your workplace or are on a newsletter, it can be something of yours that they keep with them.

And sales brochures nicely load a great deal of details. A properly designed pamphlet handles to do that with a handful of cool visuals, and a generous quantity of unfavorable area.


Now, what would you produce a sales brochure for?

Kivi Leroux Miller, creator of Nonprofit Marketing Guide, shares her not-for-profit pamphlet fundamentals .

When it pertains to picking a subject for your sales brochures, Kivi recommends concentrating on the concerns that common donors, advocates, and individuals you assist all have.

How do you discover this out?

Well, you can send a study to your e-mail customers. With a bit of keyword research study, inspecting Google auto-fill recommendations or even the ““ individuals likewise ask ” area that comes in the search results page, you can get a sense of what individuals desire to discover about or wear’’ t comprehend. These subjects can vary from standard health concerns to specific federal government assistance programs or grants and other things.

Creating material around those subjects not just develops idea management and authority, it assists you to develop trust with your neighborhood and wider audience.

Now these aren’t all the various interactions and marketing security nonprofits ought to develop. Not even close! When there’s a procedure in location to develop material like this on a routine basis, your outreach efforts and marketing effect can truly take off. Instead of depending on styles you’re not pleased with or less material than you ‘d like, you are fully equipped to interact your message and share your not-for-profit’s story in a appealing and expert method.

What’s missing out on here? What have you discovered works and is simply extremely necessary? Let me understand!