Shake On It? “Let’s Not, and Say We Did”

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No matter where you turn nowadays, the news is dismaying and dreadful. Validated COVID-19 cases are on the increase. Deaths keep climbing up. Over 40 million individuals have actually submitted joblessness claims. A vaccine is 12 to 18 months away and there’’ s no genuine restorative in sight either. Wanting to do something amusing like participating in expert sports video games, performances, film theatres, or Broadway programs? Fuggedaboutit.

I wear’’ t have the treatment for the coronavirus however perhaps there ’ s a silver lining in this cloud, which might help in reducing the spread of not just COVID-19 however likewise the influenza, other infectious illness, and even the cold. What’’ s this amazing drug’? It ’ s not a drug at all, simply a basic modification in a centuries-old customized that ’ s worn its welcome: the handshake.

.Are Any Handshakes OK?

The easy response is ““ No! ” These days, the just safe handshakes are the ones that occur in between computer system systems.

But put on’’ t simply take my word for it. No less an authority than Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’’ s leading contagious illness specialist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, states ““ I put on ’ t believe we must ever shake hands once again.””


Outrageous? What would we do without the conventional handshake that ends and starts service settlements and individual relationships? And what will referees inform fighters prior to a battle? ““ Come and bump elbows out battling?””


Handshakes may be the universal welcoming amongst Westerners however they’’ re among the most typical methods to spread out infections and bacteria. One meaning of madness is doing the exact same thing over and over and anticipating a various outcome. Let’’ s face it. The handshake has actually run its course as a welcoming, a verification, and a goodbye.

.How The Handshake Evolved.

Historians can’’ t settle on whether the Assyrians or the early Anglo-Saxons created the handshake as a gesture of excellent faith to reveal they weren’’ t bring weapons … although what they were finishing with their non-shaking hands is any person’’ s think.


For numerous, eliminating the handshake couldn’’ t come prematurely. Anybody who’’ s withstood a dead-fish or clammy hand or who’’ s had their knuckles squashed by a power-shaker may not grieve its passing excessive.

But what would change it? All of the typical options –– hugging, fist-bumping, back-slapping, and air-kissing –– attack our 6 feet of individual area. Waving? Nope. Revealing your palm to another individual is thought about an insult in numerous cultures. The Vulcan live-long-and-prosper salute? Possibly, if your fingers work together.

.10 Contact-Free Greeting Alternatives.

Apologies to the Quakers who welcomed the handshake as a gesture of equality, rather of the bow-and-curtsy event that English upper classes preferred, however its sanitary homes fade in contrast to these 15 contact-free options :

.The ““ namaste ” gesture: hands in prayer position in front of the breastbone, accompanied by a small bow.Stand out the tongue (Tibet).Bow (methods differ from Japan to Thailand, India, Nepal, Laos and Cambodia).Clap hands (Zimbabwe, Mozambique).Turn over the heart (Malaysia).Air high-five.Exchange company cards (Japan, with or without bow).Raise eyebrows (Micronesia).Shake fists (Nigeria).Enhance your e-mail marketing program.

Wait, what? What does handshaking pertain to e-mail?

.Perfect Your Digital Handshake!

Your e-mail program is a huge part of your digital handshake. In a world where lots of business have actually gone months without physical contact with their clients, getting this right is essential.

It all starts with your opt-in procedure and reaches every message you send out. Your customers provide you authorization to send them e-mails. In exchange for this, you consent to honor your guarantee about the type of e-mails you send out, how regularly you send them, how you’’ ll utilize their e-mail address, and what you’’ ll do to keep their individual info safe.

You are, in result, shaking on the offer. Both sides need to hold up their end of the handshake, however, which’’ s why you require to take actions to enhance your e-mail program. Not a simple job at a time when online marketers are being asked to do more, in some cases with much less.

This is a challenging time for everyone. All of us require a little assistance. Aid with technique. Assist making sure that our lists are safe to message and our e-mails land in the inbox. Assist making certain that our style, copy, and targeting are on point. Assist enhancing send out times, picking the ideal deals, and so on

In the spirit of assisting, FreshAddress has actually assembled a list of complimentary suggestions, tools, and uses for e-mail online marketers. We’’ ve likewise gained from a few of the effective complimentary resources offered by others in the market like Merkle , Only Influencers , Campaign Monitor , and the AMA . Simply another tip that we’’ re all in this together!

.All set To Change The World?

If you believe the days of the handshake need to be over, VOTE HERE . Let your voice be heard if you believe a namaste gesture or other contact-free option is chosen.

Whatever side you’’ re on’, simply please put on ’ t be angered if I put on’’ t shake your hand the next time we satisfy.