Selling on Amazon vs. eBay: Which is Better For You?

The 2 most popular locations to offer your products: Amazon and eBay. These home names jointly made billions of dollars. And for experienced sellers who desire a cut of the pie, they’’ re the go-to online markets for amateur and skilled sellers. Which should you be offering on: Amazon or eBay?

We put them head-to-head in numerous classifications to see which one fared much better. Let’’ s see how offering on Amazon vs. eBay compares.


Both Amazon and eBay each have a huge reach. They’’ re not equivalent in all aspects. Understanding your purchaser personalities can be practical in identifying if your audience currently stores in these markets.

While eBay and Amazon are both home names, Amazon is unquestionably the ecommerce giant. More than 197 million individuals around the world see every month. Amazon is accountable for 5% of all U.S. retail invest. And while online consumers will price check numerous websites prior to buying an item, 44% of them start their item searches on Amazon.

Amazon has an global existence with 14 markets worldwide where third-party sellers can note their items, and it has consumers in more than 180 nations. Just 33% of sales are from outside the United States.

In regards to demographics, U.S. Amazon buyers tend to be wealthier and more informed than the basic U.S. population. The typical Amazon buyer is 45-54 years married and old, over half have kids, and almost half have a college education.


eBay might not have the ability to take on Amazon’’ s huge quantities of natural traffic , however it has an active audience all its own.

Its 182 million users come from around the world, and it has 23 worldwide sites, reaching customers from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe . More than half of eBay’’ s yearly sales profits comes from its 60 million purchasers outside the United States, setting it apart from Amazon in international reach.

As for its American buyers , 57% of them are male, 32% of all buyers are in between the ages of 35 and 49, and the next biggest age is 50-64-year-olds at 29%.

One thing that sets eBay and its audience apart from Amazon is eBay’’ s buyer-feedback system. eBay’’ s users are smart, and many will purchase just from sellers with a feedback rating of 100 or greater .


With billions of various items for sale, you can discover a range of products offered on Amazon and eBay —– both brand-new and utilized —– however the websites have differing guidelines for what can be offered and who can offer them.


With more than 119 million items noted on its website —– of which 4,000 are offered per minute —– it appears like you can discover essentially anything on Amazon nowadays. And third-party sellers are qualified to offer products that fall under the majority of Amazon item classifications, from clothes and devices to video games and toys, without asking for approval.

However, some products for sale on Amazon fall under what are called gated classifications , which are normally costly, delicate in nature, safety-related, uncommon, or collectible. These items consist of products like sports souvenirs, art, antiques, clinical and commercial devices, and food and groceries.

There are likewise limited products , which might need you to offer extra info to Amazon or evidence that you satisfy specific policies. And some products just aren’’ t allowed to be noted on Amazon at all, such as publication memberships, lock-picking gadgets, and cigarettes.

While a lot of products noted on Amazon are brand-new, utilized and reconditioned ones are likewise readily available through third-party sellers, however there are constraints in some item classifications, as you’’ ll see in the chart below.

 Amazon item classifications

As for the most popular item classifications on Amazon , electronic devices take the leading slot, with 44% of U.S. consumers having actually acquired them from Amazon, followed by clothes, shoes and precious jewelry (43%), and house and kitchen area items (39%).


Just like Amazon, eBay has a substantial list of items that can be offered. This ecommerce platform is distinct since it stresses its sale of collectible and unusual products. 432,000 collectible products are offered on the site daily.

Because of its concentrate on these particular items, eBay doesn’’ t need sellers to get unique consent to offer within specific classifications, like coins and precious jewelry. It does preserve a comprehensive list of restricted and limited products , covering such classifications as alcohol, food, and occasion tickets.

eBay’’ s top-selling item classifications are really relatively comparable to Amazon’’ s, starting with electronic devices and devices at 16.4% and carefully followed by clothes and devices at 13.8%. EBay sets itself apart with its 3rd most popular item: automobile at 10.5%. 360 trucks and vehicles are bought by means of mobile gadgets on eBay every day.

While eBay has a track record for being the Internet’’ s yard sales area, 81% of the products in its 1.1 billion listings are really new items.

.Sales Model.

eBay is popular for its auction-style selling design, however you can likewise offer products on eBay at a repaired cost similar to you can on Amazon. Here’’ s what to think about when figuring out which sales design will work best for you in regards to offering on Amazon vs. eBay.


Regardless of whether you’’ re purchasing a new item or an utilized product, on Amazon, there’’ s a set cost that customers should pay.

. eBay.

However, on eBay, while sellers can set a rate for a product with a fixed-price listing or Buy It Now noting, this ecommerce platform is best understood for its auction-style listings, like the one in the screenshot listed below.

 ebay cam listing

eBay consumers anticipate an offer, so auction listings are popular options. They enable purchasers to bid on products till completion date you set. Sellers can likewise consist of an ““ accept finest deal ” choice with auction-style listings, which permits purchasers to make a deal for a product that the seller can pick whether to accept.

It’’ s generally best for sellers to utilize the auction technique in situations when you’’ re uncertain of the product ’ s worth, when you wish to offer a product rapidly, or when your product is distinct or uncommon. Fixed-price listings, where you set the cost for a product, are best to utilize when you understand the cost you wish to get for a product, when you have a great deal of stock, or when you desire your listing to appear in search results page for more than 10 days.


To note items on eBay or Amazon, you’’ ll need to pay seller charges, and the range of costs on each website can definitely build up. Some users have actually even required to calling eBay ““ feeBay, ” declaring its costs are extreme. Amazon has its share of seller charges as well, and depending on what precisely you’’ re selling, you might keep more cash in your pocket selling on eBay vs. Amazon.

Let’’ s have a look at how the costs break down when it pertains to offering on Amazon vs. eBay.


Amazon uses 2 offering strategies: Professional or private. The one you choose depends upon your picked sales volume.

If you’’ re brand-new to ecommerce and uncertain just how much you anticipate to offer, it’’ s a great concept to begin with the Individual strategy, which enables you to offer up to 40 products each month for no month-to-month charge and simply costs 99 cents per product offered. If you prepare to offer more than 40 products on a month-to-month basis, select the Professional strategy, which enables endless sales and expenses $39.99 monthly.

In addition to the charges you pay based upon your Amazon seller’’ s prepare, there are likewise recommendation charges that are paid on every product you offer. The portion you pay depends upon the item classification and varies from 6% to 9% of the list price.


Finally, if you decide to register in Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA), which enables sellers to keep their items in Amazon storage facilities and lets Amazon deal with the packaging and shipping of those items, you ’ ll encounter a number of other costs, which are in-depth here .


eBay ’ s membership strategies resemble Amazon ’ s offering strategies, and there are a number of to pick from, asdetailed listed below.’You put on ’ t have to subscribe to a shop in order to offer on eBay.


 ebay shop membership contrast


Regardless of whether you go with an eBay membership strategy however, you will need to pay both insertion costs and last worth costs.


Insertion costs are basically the costs you spend for noting a product for sale on eBay. Sellersget up to 50 totally free listings monthly. After that, you ’ ll need to pay a charge of 35 cents per listing and per each item classification you note your product in. These charges aren ’ t reimbursed if your product doesn ’ t sell, and you ’ ll be charged the insertion charge each time you relist your product’.


Final worth costs are charged after a product offers, and they ’ re a portion of the product ’ spurchase rate, plus shipping and dealing with expenses. The portion you pay depends upon your kind of eBay account. Sellers with a routine eBay account will pay a 10% last worth cost for a lot of products. Sellers with a shop membership are charged lower last worth costs depending upon their membership design.

. Returns and refunds.

While eBay allows sellers to pull out of returns, Amazon supplies a greater levelof security for users who acquire products from third-party sellers, which can motivate more rely on purchasers.

. Amazon.

As kept in mind previously, customers might have a greater level of trust when making Amazon purchases due to the fact that of the policies the ecommerce giant has in location.


Amazon ’ s A-Z Guarantee secures purchasers who buy from third-party sellers, enabling them to quickly ask for refunds and returns in a range of scenarios. The assurance covers both the prompt shipment of products along with the product ’ s condition. They can then submit a claim with Amazon if the purchaser is dissatisfied with either and doesn ’ t deal with the concern with the seller.

. eBay.

eBay, on the other hand,’can provide extra obstacles when it concerns returns and refunds.

Sellers can pick to pull out of returns when noting a product, so when the purchase is made, the seller can ’ t return the product for a refund other than in particular scenarios.


However, eBay does have a Money Back Guarantee policy that covers purchasers when they wear ’ t get a product, get a product that doesn ’ t match the listing, or get a malfunctioning or damaged product.

.’Delivering and Fulfillment.

Another huge manner in which Amazon and eBay vary is how they deal with shipping and satisfaction . They both use various choices for sellers, so here ’ s what you require to consider about offering on Amazon vs. eBay.

. Amazon.

One of the best advantages for third-party Amazon sellers is the choice to register in FBA.

Letting Amazon keep your items and satisfy your orders streamlines things for sellers, and FBA likewise supplies customer care for sellers in addition to particular marketing benefits, such as being qualified for Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members– of which there are 105 million customers in the U.S– get complimentary two-day shipping, which can attract buyers to click “ purchase. ”


Overall, FBA ’ s advantages have actually been discovered to provide Amazon sellers a 30%”to 50% boost in sales.’


However, you wear ’ t need to take part in FBA. When products offer, third-party sellers have the alternative of product packaging and shipping orders to clients.

. eBay.

While eBay doesn ’ t presently have a program comparable to FBA, it has actually revealed strategies to introduce Managed Delivery , an effort that allows sellers who offer a great deal of stock to more quickly and rapidly meet orders, in 2020.


 eBays Managed Delivery Infographic


Because eBay makes worldwide sales so easy, it likewise uses a Global Shipping Program , which allows sellers to deliver acquired products to eBay ’ s worldwide shipping center in Kentucky. From there, eBay deals with any customizeds documents and ships the items to purchasers around the world. EBay will be responsible for any shipment incidents that might take place due to the fact that eBay is taking care of the shipping.


Also, while eBay doesn ’ t provide a program comparable to Amazon Prime, it ’ s crucial to keep in mind that totally free, quick shipping can make your listings more enticing. With the appeal of Prime, online buyers have actually concerned anticipate economical and practical shipping alternatives. 71% of eBay purchases are delivered for complimentary.

. Offering on Amazon vs. eBay: The Breakdown.

While there ’ s not a conclusive response of whether it ’ s much better to offer on Amazon or eBay, here are the highlights to assistyou choose which market is best for you.

. If &hellip, offer on Amazon;. You offer brand-new products. You prepare to offer bigger amounts of products. You put on ’ t wish to deal with stock management and satisfaction. You ’ re mainly targeting American customers. If &hellip, offer on eBay;. You ’ re mainly offering utilized antiques or products.You desire the most affordable costs. You prepare to deal with stock management and satisfaction. You wish to offer to a global consumer base.Don’’ t Limit Yourself.

However, even ifAmazon is a much better suitable for your or your items, for rsquo, example &doesn; t indicate you can ’ t likewise offer on eBay.


Numerous sellers note their items throughout different markets, consisting of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jet, and Walmart, simply among others. 80% of Amazon sellers also likewise offer other platforms, and Sellbrite ’ s multi-channel listing software application it easy simple sell offer multiple several markets manage handle inventory stock one central mainBrochure


Plus, diversifying’your ecommerce existence is an excellent method to grow your service and your revenues. Sellbrite has actually discovered that merchants who offer on 3 or more channels offer 156% more, and Sellbrite merchants are seeing more than 300 %development after one year.