Kellogg’s Rewards Program Review: It’s Grrreat!

Multinational food maker Kellogg’’ s doesn ’ t need much of’an intro. We ’ ve all most likely put among their deals with into a bowl on a hectic early morning, or a minimum of seen their extremely identifiable mascot on shop racks. Did you understand that the business likewise runs a commitment program called Kellogg’’ s Family Rewards? We wondered whether this benefit system has the ability to measure up to the cereal huge’’ s name, so we chose to put the Kellogg’’ s benefits program under the looking glass. And the outcomes? Well, you’’ ll see.

.Subscription Page.

Kellogg’’ s benefits program follows the concept of ““ program, put on ’ t inform ” on its site. While lots of other business utilize the web page of their commitment program to share the basic advantages of the system, Kellogg’’ s cuts right to the case, showcasing its leading items and benefits in a catalog-style way.

““ Focusing on a present portfolio rather of subscription advantages can just work if you’’ re running a simply burn &make program . When it comes to a tiered program , which is more advanced where not all benefits are immediately offered, it ’ s more crucial to show the tier chart so clients get a strong understanding of their development. ”


Moreover, visitors put on ’ t requirement to be visited”to see which benefits, discount coupons and deals are presently readily available. Once again, some business like to conceal their trump cards from unregistered members, however in some cases being in advance about the advantages is more efficient when it concerns motivating registration.

.  The voucher area in specific is a terrific method to set clients ’ eyes on the reward and persuade them to sign up for the commitment program.

The voucher area in specific is a fantastic method to set consumers ’ eyes on the reward and encourage them to sign up for the commitment program.

. Registration.

Kellogg ’ s is worthy of another bonus offer point for an elegant registration page that enhances the worth proposals of the commitment program. The business gathers one of the most fundamental info( consisting of name, gender, birth date, place ), and after that needs you to confirm your account by getting in a code sent out by means of e-mail.


The total procedure is fast and relatively basic, though it might be accelerated a lot more by asking just for login qualifications, then asking clients to finish their complete profile later on for reward points– a system Kellogg ’ s benefits program currently has, simply with a couple of tweaks.


In the welcome e-mail, the business follows up with an incentivized survey, providing 100 points for members going to address a concern about why they signed up with the benefits program. This insight works for keeping interest in the program.


“ Looking to enhance customization for your marketing activities? Utilizing gamified profiling within your commitment program is the most cost-efficient and effective method to do so! ”

.  If you”have a renowned design or mascot, ensure to utilize it as visual flare as much as you can-- much like Kellogg ’ s finished with Tony the Tiger ’ s paws-- to reinforce brand name acknowledgment.

If you have — a renowned design or mascot, make certain to utilize it as visual flare as much as you can– similar to Kellogg ’ s made with Tony the Tiger ’ s paws– to reinforce brand name acknowledgment.

. Point Accrual.

Since Kellogg ’ s offers its items through sellers, the most sensible option is to reward consumers for publishing their invoices — which the business does. The genuine difficulty, nevertheless, is to make it rewarding for members to follow through with the upload procedure. Understanding that invoice uploads are the core pillar of its commitment program, Kellogg ’ s provided 3 actions:

. The invoice upload page heads out of its method to discuss the various methods to send an invoice, both physical and digital. Members can likewise enjoy a tutorial to get 100 points. The very first invoice upload yields 100 perk points, encouraging hesitant members to offer the system a shot. Kellogg ’ s Family Rewards runs limited-time contribution projects, where every uploaded invoice adds to an excellent cause, which is effective support.

And to make it much easier to make points, Kellogg ’ s has actually collaborate with different sellers to supply the alternative to connect merchants ’ commitment cards to Family Rewards accounts. As quickly as the commitment card is included, clients won ’ t requirement to publish their invoices any longer. Rather, points will instantly be released each time their card exists to the cashier.

.  When describing the mechanics of your commitment program ’ s accrual system, constantly utilize images, due to the fact that they make the procedure simpler to comprehend.

When describing the mechanics of your commitment program ’ s accrual system, constantly utilize images, due to the fact that they make the’procedure simpler to comprehend.

. Transactional &Non-transactional Activities.

As discussed above, the primary method to make points is to purchase a Kellogg ’ s item and submit the invoice. The business likewise’runs limited-time projects where specific items– brand-new tastes in specific– deserve double points.

“ Dedicating a group to runningthematic and seasonal commitment projects not just keeps the principle fresh for clients however likewise supports your brand name ’ s marketing activity. ”


In regards to non-transactional activities, Kellogg ’ s commitment program incentivizes profile conclusion, newbie invoice upload, novice benefit redemptions and so on.


Even though making points for these actions doesn ’ t need a purchase, wear ’ t think about them as “ totally free points ” since they supply extra worth by informing consumers or motivating them to offer particular functions a shot.

. Benefits.

Kellogg ’ s benefits program is a burn &make design program, indicating that the primary activity is gathering points in different methods. These points can then be invested in the benefits brochure in exchange for a wide variety of advantages.


The heart of Kellogg ’ s Family Rewards program is the extremely vast array of benefits they provide:

. eGift cards for partners such as Nike, Sephora &, Barnes &Noble, Xbox. Dining establishment and motion picture discount coupons. Branded merch (knapsacks, socks, tumblers, and so on). Contributions to charities. Free dishes. Free digitally downloadable video games for kids( coloring books,matching tiles, etc/). Reward draws.

By including its partner network, Kellogg ’ s has the ability to provide a vibrant benefit brochure. It includes digital and physical benefits, totally free presents in addition to discount coupons and present cards. Thumbs up!

.  The site includes an interactive menu where you can filter the offered benefits based upon their expense. This is incredibly helpful if you have a substantial variety of benefits.

The site includes an interactive menu where you can filter the offered benefits based upon their expense. If you have a substantial variety of benefits, this is very convenient.

. Commitment App.

If there ’ s one location where Kellogg ’ s Family Rewards is doing not have, that ’ s in mobile assistance. Without a devoted commitment app, the business is losing out on important consumer touchpoints.


For beginners, publishing invoices would be far simpler utilizing a commitment application, thanks to the integrated performances it might offer. Apps are now ableto support easy simple enrollmentRegistration further additional enhancing registration processProcedure


Lastly, a devoted app can be a fantastic, go-to method to remain in touch with consumers. Utilizing push alerts to notify them about the most current offers, deals and benefits.

. Last Judgement.

Summarizing the benefits and drawbacks of Kellogg ’ s benefits program, we can state that they are on an excellent track. Still, there is a chance for them to make the program a lot more efficient.



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