IELTS Writing Practice Test 31 (Task 1 & 2) & Sample Answers

IELTS Writing Topic:


You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagram below shows the life cycle of the salmon.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features. and make comparisons where relevant. - ielts writing task 1

Write at least 150 words.


You should spend about 40 minutes on this topic.

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays, celebrities increasingly have the status of role models, in particular for younger people.

Do you see this as a positive or negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Task 1 Model Answer

The diagram shows the various stages of development in the life cycle of the salmon.

At the very beginning of the cycle, in freshwater or rivers, eggs take approximately three months to hatch. After hatching, the baby salmon called alevin not yet looking like a fish – feeds off the yolk sac. Several weeks later, it takes the form of a young fish, identified as fry, which can swim. The fry is about five to ten weeks old. By the time it is several months old, the salmon, now known as parr, has developed typical finger-shaped markings. At some point between the age of one and three years old, the salmon or smolt forms groups and swims out to sea. The fully grown adult spends up to eight years swimming in the ocean until it is time to spawn. The spawning adult then returns to freshwater or upriver and after spawning dies within a couple of weeks.

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Overall, the life cycle of the salmon covers seven distinct stages over approximately eight years from the hatching of the eggs till death.

(181 words)

Task 2 Model Answer

International celebrities come from different backgrounds, with many of them turning out to be very influential. Also, they serve as role models to society. There are positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon, but on the whole, I see it as detrimental.

First of all, many celebrities have achieved their fame for public misconduct. For instance, many young pop stars with minimal talent have had the media focus on their party lives, courting photographs or involvement in drugs or alcohol, affairs, and scandal. These are poor examples for young people on conducting themselves morally and with integrity in the public eye. It is extremely worrisome these celebrities have cast an impression on young minds.

Also, marketing has become a billion-dollar industry. Social networking pages such as Face book and Twitter ensure that people remain obsessed about their idols twenty-four hours a day. Celebrities have influenced the younger generation to such an extent that both trivial and life-and-death decisions are made in accordance with their celebrities preferences.

All in all, being a celebrity comes means that the person has a social responsibility. Unfortunately, in my opinion, very few stars realise it. The remaining lot ruin the lives of their fans.

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