HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #381: Henry Vasquez, Principal Product Manager and Ike Bennion, Principal Portfolio Marketing Manager at Cornerstone

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HRx Radio – Executive Conversations
Guest: Henry Vasquez, Principal Product Manager and Ike Bennion, Principal Portfolio Marketing Manager at Cornerstone
Episode: 381
Air Date: October 2, 2020


Guest Bio

Henry Vasquez and Ike Bennion

Henry Vasquez leverages his entrepreneurial spirit and more than 10 years of experience in software development to lead product initiatives around employee skills and capabilities at Cornerstone. As Principal Product Manager for Cornerstone’s Performance and Careers solutions, Henry is responsible for building solutions to enhance the employee lifecycle. Henry is most passionate about creating intuitive platforms that help people be extraordinary at work. Prior to joining Cornerstone, he worked at SpaceX as the Product Manager of Knowledge Management and successfully founded and sold his own company.


Ike Bennion is a seasoned marketing executive with an extensive background in talent management and learning. As the Principal Product marketing Manager at Cornerstone Ondemand, he drives new product innovation and market strategy for their Learning solutions. He uses his background in other parts of human capital management, including performance, succession, content, recruiting, skills, AI and blockchain, to thread innovation across the career lifecycle and build platforms that create a more empathetic workplace. Before coming to Cornerstone, Ike was a driver of change in the industry at HireVue and Bridge by Instructure.

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