How to Promote a Consulting Business with a Lead Generation Video

 Watching a webinar

Do you have a consulting organisation however battle with getting traction? You are not alone if this sounds like you. Today, I’’d like to share a system which will bring you a lot of brand-new customers that it will enable you to choose the customers you wish to deal with. The system is based upon an automatic list building video and an individually customer screening conference.

Many experts begin working for a previous company as a 1099 subcontractor or expert. Gradually, they hope that they will bring in brand-new customers and grow their consulting organisation beyond a single customer. The majority of specialists are excellent at their core proficiency however not extremely great online marketers or promoters. As an outcome, they draw in couple of brand-new customers, and if they do, the customer is frequently far from being the perfect customer considering that the specialist requires the work and can’’ t be choosy.


What if an entirely automated system existed, that would get you many brand-new prospective customer leads you could cherry-pick which customers to deal with? Sounds too great to be real? It’’ s not and here is the system that I advise to my specialist customers. The procedure is quite basic. Here is an introduction:

.Tape a 30 to 45-minute list building video utilizing a cam and some totally free software application that will offer worth and show your competence to possible customers.Register for an automated webinar service and submit your educational video.Concentrate on a single marketing channel and purchase a couple of targeted advertisements to drive traffic to your automated webinar.End your automated webinar with a call to action routing the customer to an automatic calendar tool in order to register for a totally free 45 to 60-minute phone or video call with you to talk about the customer’’ s particular requirement and see if your consulting service is the very best suitable for both celebrations.Register the very best customers into a number of clusters where you use group therapy programs. As an option, send out customers to a prerecorded and automated drip for-fee training program and utilize an online forum to interact with them at your benefit.List Building Video.

Delivering a live list building video is both time consuming and results in scheduling concerns in between you and your potential customers. You will desire to produce a one-time lead generation video and then just provide it over and over to potential customers throughout a time frame that is practical for them and not you.

I suggest that you produce a slide deck or PowerPoint discussion where you can impart some genuine worth to your potential customer. Since nobody likes to simply look at a fixed lot of slides and listen to your voiceover, the simplest technique that I suggest is to format your slides in a 4:3 format. This will leave space for a video of you providing your slides in a last 16:9 formatted list building video.

For example, if you have a consulting service to inform moms and dads on how to handle out-of-control kids, develop some slides to share a couple of ideas that you would recommend customers to follow, in order to gain back control of their out-of-control kids.

.If they do not sign an agreement with you, #ppppp> The discussion you provide ought to be a diy (DIY) type service that the audience can utilize even. In your list building video, you need to not attempt to offer or promote your consulting organisation. The list building video requires to be simply informative and something that the possibility can utilize. The sales things will come later on.

To produce the list building video, I advise that you download to your computer system, a copy of the totally free open source broadcast software application called OBS which represents Open Broadcaster Software. The software application permits you to do green screen results and include numerous sources such as a live picture of you from your cam in combination with your slides throughout the discussion. There are lots of complimentary YouTube videos that can reveal you how to utilize the OBS software application and utilize a green screen secret likewise referred to as a chroma essential impact.

What I perform in OBS is produce a 16:9 formatted screen and place the 4:3 formatted slides to one side, leaving about 30% of the screen property for my live image. When you are all set to provide your message, click the ““ Start Recording ” button, present the slides, and lastly click “on “ Stop Recording ”.

. If it were a live webinar, #ppppp> Deliver your message as. Conclude your list building video with a call to action message to motivate the audience to register for a complimentary 45 to 60-minute phone or video call with you so that you can assist them with their particular problems.

Since the list building video will appear like a live webinar, it will be a one-take video, so no video modifying is needed or anticipated. Feel totally free to tape-record the discussion as numerous times as essential till you have what you believe is the finest video discussion if you make an error or something goes incorrect. This will be the possibility’’ s impression of you so make the list building video information-packed and something that will display that you are a specialist.

Pro Tip # 1: Since the list building video will appear to the user as a live webinar, state something in the start of your discussion such as:

““ I have a lot to cover in the next 30 minutes and require to concentrate on providing the material, for that reason I can’’ t react to concerns in the chat window up until after the discussion.””


This is required to assist support the impression that the discussion is being provided live and not a taped webinar.

Pro Tip # 2: Since you desire the potential customers to think this is a live occasion, you will wish to make it clear that the webinar will not be taped. You will wish to make it clear that you are providing the webinar numerous times which they require to register for among the time slots offered that you have actually pre-scheduled. If the possibility understands it is tape-recorded which they can see it anytime, research study has actually revealed that there’’ s constantly going to be something that shows up and they will press off viewing the list building video you established till they just forget it entirely. You desire their undistracted attention while you provide your message.

.Automated Webinar Service.

Once you have actually finished your 30 to 45-minute DIY list building video, sign up for an automated webinar service and submit your informative video.

I have actually looked into 5 popular webinar platforms that permit you to automate the webinar shipment procedure.

EverWebinar $ 42 regular monthly expense for a yearly strategy. ClickMeeting $ 40 monthly. Demio $ 69 monthly for the automatic level. JetWebinar $ 63 monthly. EasyWebinar $ 78 each month.When choosing an automated platform is the capability to use the webinar on various days and times that are hassle-free for your possibility, #ppppp> The secret. Developers claim that a great function that gets a bigger variety of conversions is the idea of the next webinar taking place in simply a couple of minutes. Considering that the majority of people are captivated enough to click your advertisement –– more on how to utilize advertisements to drive traffic to your list building video even more on -, the concept that you will exist a live webinar in simply a couple of minutes will look like the stars are lining up for them. They have the alternative to sign up for a future occasion from the calendar you produced if going to a webinar in a couple of minutes is not ideal for them.

 Tentpole chart

Another good function is the capability to instantly produce tentpole material utilizing pre-designed design templates to construct buzz and promote your list building video utilizing automated e-mail pointers leading up to the occasion and follow up e-mails after. While this can be done utilizing an e-mail drip project, having everything incorporated into one platform makes it worth and really simple buying among the automated webinar services.

A fascinating function that numerous of the platforms use is a simulated live chat, making the automated webinar preserve the impression that it is cope with scrolling chat material.

If you later on choose to provide a live discussion to a group of customers, a function you might discover practical is the capability to have another person aside from you moderate the chats, handle responses and concerns (Q&A s), conduct surveys, and so on. As an option, you can provide an automatic webinar while you manage all the chats, Q&A s, surveys, and so on making it appear that you are a group and not a bachelor.

To produce deficiency, some platforms supply a restricted deal countdown function. In our consulting service example on how to inform moms and dads to handle out-of-control kids, you might include that you consent to have an individually session to discuss their particular problems with the very first 5 individuals that register within the next 3 minutes.

.Marketing Your Lead Generation Video.

Now that you have your list building video prepared and have actually signed up for an automated webinar service where you can provide it, you will require to drive traffic to a landing page where you can get the possibility to register for your complimentary list building video.

An issue with a lot of small company marketing recommendations is that it is based upon the concept of a sales funnel. The basic suggestions is to cast a broad web utilizing various sales channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on and provide something of worth totally free in exchange for their e-mail address. You can utilize a drip e-mail marketing project to drive the possibility up your worth ladder through a series of upsells. While this procedure has its benefits, it can be really time taking in to establish and handle for a one-person consulting service.

Therefore, I suggest that you keep it easy and select a single channel such as Facebook advertisements to drive traffic to your landing page. I simply advise that you establish an easy image and text advertisement to drive potential customers to your landing and registration page, developed by your automated webinar service, where the possibility can find out a bit more about the material of your list building video and register for an approaching automatic webinar.

Most of the automated webinar services have premade registration landing pages currently created for you, that you can quickly personalize for your particular requirements.

.Customer Screening.

In the lead generation video, we suggest that you end it with a call to action to motivate the individuals to register for a set up call with you to address their specific concerns.

You will utilize this individual individually time to listen to their particular circumstance, respond to a few of their concerns, and if it makes good sense to deal with them, pitch your consulting deal or extra for-fee webinars. This individually time will enable them to be familiar with, like, and trust you; for that reason display your worth so they are inclined to register as one of your customers. This is likewise the time where you can see if they are coachable and will be a great suitable for your consulting or training programs, so we advise that you use this very first consulting session free of charge and consider it marketing.

If you think that the possibility will be a great suitable for your offering, eventually throughout the customer screening conference, you’’ ll wish to provide your pitch for your paid services. Keep in mind, customers make choices based upon feeling and after that back their choices with reasoning. In your pitch, you desire to offer the outcomes and not your program. We suggest a 3-step results-focused pitch to get the customer to:

.Concur that they have an issue.Concur that they require to alter now.Ask you how can you assist them.

When it concerns the pitch, bear in mind that when they engage with you, they are not purchasing consulting services from you, they are purchasing themselves.

How can you utilize a list building video to get more customers for your consulting service?