How to Increase Brand Awareness in a Competitive Landscape

Building brand name awareness is an essential aspect of broadening any ecommerce company. Brand name awareness is elaborately related to brand name identity –– the basic understanding of your brand name in the eyes of customers at big.

In a world where brand-new ecommerce websites emerge every day, brand name awareness permits you to separate yourself from the pack and produce more conversions.

But prior to we talk about increasing brand name awareness, it’’ s crucial to comprehend the distinction in between brand name awareness, brand name acknowledgment, and brand name equity. All 3 are very important, however they’’ re extremely various terms that should be attended to independently.

.Specifying Brand Awareness.

As an example, let’’ s think about the brand name well recognized precious jewelry brand name, Tiffany and Co.

Brand Awareness–– Customer understanding about your business’’ s track record, worths, quality, and culture.

Example: Tiffany is understood for improved, high quality precious jewelry –– particularly engagement rings.

Brand Recognition –– Ability of consumers to acknowledge your brand name from associated images and smaller sized brand names under its umbrella.

Example: Recognizing Tiffany signature blue present boxes.

Brand Equity –– Consumer worth originated from brand name understanding, instead of the items themselves.

Example: Preferring a piece from Tiffany’’ s due to the fact that of the status connected with the brand name, instead of the piece itself.

Let’’ s take a look at another example –– this time we’’ ll usage Coca-Cola.


Brand Awareness: Knowing that Coca-cola makes popular sodas.

Brand Recognition: Recognizing the business’’ s well-known red can. Determining other drinks Coca-Cola makes beyond its flagship item.

Brand Equity: Preferring Coca-Cola over a generic since of favorable individual associations with the brand name.

Now, let’’ s circle back to why brand name awareness is so essential.


In the ecommerce landscape, there are likely a variety of websites that do something fairly comparable to what you do. Even if your website stays with a relatively unique classification, sticking out can be challenging.

In order to drive sales, your brand name requires to display what it does finest. What do you desire clients to acknowledge about your brand name, and what should they keep in mind? If they were speaking to buddies about your brand name, what would you desire them to state?

.Increased Trust.

Research reveals that customers trust brand names more that have constant messaging. Furthermore, individuals like understanding that they’’ re utilizing items that their peers are utilizing –– this is the structure for social evidence theory, which we’’ ve spoke about formerly.

By increasing brand name acknowledgment, you’’ re likewise increasing the possibility that others will wish to speak about your item in a natural setting.

.Repeat Purchase/Loyalty.

In the very same vein as brand name trust, brand name acknowledgment likewise help brand name commitment. Up to 90% of acquiring choices are made unconsciously, indicating they’’ re formed in big part by individual ideas about your brand name.

Increased brand name awareness assists drive favorable general understanding of your brand name and items, and drives repeat purchases –– producing brand name commitment.

Now that we’’ ve gone over why brand name awareness is so crucial, let’’ s have a look at methods you can develop it.

. Produce a Consistent Omnichannel Strategy.

Once upon a time, ecommerce sellers understood precisely where consumers were originating from. They were sitting at a home computer, normally in their house.

Today, we understand that’’ s not the case with the ever-rising frequency of mobile phones. In addition, online shopping has actually gone from a primarily devoted activity to something users typically do to pass the time. Hence, producing a constant experience throughout platforms is important to keeping brand name awareness.

In short –– you require to be where your consumers are. Analyze your traffic and figure out where the majority of your consumers are purchasing and searching from (those 2 things might be really various). Make sure that you use a constant experience throughout all channels and gadgets.

If your brand name prides itself on its excellent choice, make certain that searching is easy, particularly on little screens. Understood for your offers? Guarantee your finest worths are showcased front and center, no matter what gadget individuals are utilizing. Perhaps customer care is an essential part of your worth prop. Attempt to adjust your finest desktop functions to fit your mobile experience if so.

Taking these actions will assist guarantee you have a strong brand name identity, no matter where your clients are reaching you from.

.Concentrate on Your Remarketing Efforts.

Remarketing is an essential part of any omnichannel ecommerce method. Keeping your consumers engaged while off-site is an exceptional method to keep your brand name present in a customer’’ s mind and construct brand name awareness.

. Top of Mind Remarketing.

Using your e-mail or SMS contact list, connect to clients in such a way that’’ s fresh, natural, and engaging. While you never ever wish to over-send, a couple of e-mails a weekly is typically simply enough to keep your brand name top of mind without plaguing your audience.

These e-mails can cover a variety of subjects, however a number of strong alternatives are:

– Personalized item suggestions

– Cart pointers

– New Arrivals

– Special Offers

Finding the middle ground in between sending out too little or too much can take some time. By beginning at 2-3 per week then changing from there, you can discover the ideal balance in no time.

.Constant Messaging.

In order for customers to learn more about your brand name, you’’ ll wish to ensure that your brand name messaging corresponds throughout all of your interaction channels.

For a lot of brand names, you’’ ll wish to stumble upon as experienced and friendly.

While seriousness is a fantastic method to make a sale, reserve it for times that genuine seriousness exists, and wear’’ t let your marketing stumbled upon as aggressive –– this can quickly backfire.

.Sender Names.

An outstanding method to customize your message is through sender names . Instead of sending out an e-mail signed by your business at big, think about utilizing an individual sender name to make the e-mail seem like it’’ s originating from a genuine individual (which it is– unless your AI has actually gotten that great.)

A specific sender name makes these interactions feel more like a genuine connection, and not simply a sales pitch.

.Producing a Referral Program.

Another outstanding approach for enhancing brand name awareness is the production of a consumer recommendation program. While lots of companies provide some kind of commitment program, a recommendation program is various since it actively engages present clients while producing brand-new ones.

Although word of mouth marketing might appear old made to some, proof has actually consistently shown that it’’ s among the most reliable kinds of marketing. 92% of customers rely on the suggestions of good friends and household over any other kind of marketing .

Starting a recommendation program is simple. Merely provide a little reward to both celebrations –– normally, this works well if both rewards are fairly equivalent.

For example, provide a client $5 off their order for each good friend that registers from their link. You can likewise develop an LC-based refer-a-friend program, in which an inboxed reward is sent out to both the individual and the referrer being referred. (Just beware to keep compliance with relevant personal privacy laws.) While there are numerous other methods to produce a recommendation program, these technique stays real and tried for a factor –– it works.

.Increasing Brand Awareness.

Increasing brand name awareness can appear like a significant job. In basic, it’’ s merely a matter of distilling what your brand name does particularly well, and stressing that point throughout your interactions.

By developing a important and constant experience that individuals wish to talk about, share, and advise, you unlock to brand-new chances for your brand name, in addition to increased awareness of your worths, your positioning, and your brand name as a whole.