How Title-Chasing Can Sometimes Backfire

A couple weeks earlier, I discovered an associate of mine accepted a brand-new task as a VP of marketing. Sweet title? And, this individual is most likely in his/her early 30s. Yay for him/her! VP by 32. This individual has actually made it. They have actually accomplished success in marketing and they are formally a success.

However, whenever I see a more youthful (and by ““ more youthful ”, I suggest anybody under the age of about 35) handle among these VP, CCO or CMO functions I can’’ t assistance however marvel, ““ did they simply make a huge error?””


Hold up. Didn ’ t you simply state the individual had accepted a VP of marketing function? How in the world could that be an error?

Because in some cases ““ title-chasing ” can backfire on you.


To be clear, I ’ m not stating this individual was title-chasing. I do not understand the information, and I’’ m not hypothesizing. I have actually seen a motion picture like this prior to.

The young adult is disappointed. She desires the larger task. She desires more cash. She wishes to handle a huge group and budget plan.

So, she takes a VP task. At age 30! Cool! You’’ ve made it! You ’ re a freaking VICE PRESIDENT!

But, here’’ s what takes place after that. The individual gets the job done for a couple of years. Like numerous other tasks, they get tired. Or, the company chooses to proceed. And, the individual is laid off or begins looking.

And, they hear crickets.

Why? Since they’’ re a VP now. And, when you ’ re a VP at age 30, oddly enough, you put yourself in a difficult position.

Now you require to search for VP or CCO-level tasks. That’’ s it. And, as all of us understand, those are rare. You’’ re going to be looking for a while.

So, you begin searching for director and supervisor level tasks, due to the fact that those are open. Companies begin looking at you sideways. “ “ Why are you searching for a supervisor task? You were simply a VP!” ” Or, “ Why are you wanting to take an action back in your profession?” ” These are the concerns you are bound to get.

It’’ s difficult to discover a brand-new VP task. And, it’’ s difficult to discover a director or supervisor task since individuals believe you’’ re “ settling ” which you ’ ll be tired rapidly.

Like I stated, it’’ s a difficult position.

And I’’ m not even stating it’’ s the incorrect thing to do. I indicate, how might accepting a VP task at age 30 be incorrect! All I’’ m stating exists is a disadvantage to taking that super-senior function at a young age. When you do, and I do believe you have to think about that.

Like I stated, title-chasing can often backfire on you.