Everything we know about the Super Bowl so far. Plus, the Subway tuna suit—and Game(Stop) over?: Friday Wake-Up Call

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Game on

Super Bowl advertisement news keeps coming quickly and furious. A few of the current: Jason Alexander—– George Costanza from ““—Seinfeld ”– is the star of Tide’’ s surreally amusing, CGI-powered Super Bowl area . Bud Light is hyping its brand-new difficult seltzer lemonade taste by playing off the ““ when life provides you lemons” ” stating . Easy going commercials are an emerging Super Bowl LV pattern . The Big Game’’ s advertisements are being evaluated for inclusivity .

In addition to the Tide and Bud advertisements above, you can likewise currently enjoy Super Bowl areas from Pringles, Michelob Ultra, Chipotle, Mercari and Vroom. Advertisement Age’’ s Jeanine Poggi is keeping track and sharing all the innovative in ““ Super Bowl 2021: Watch all the commercials launched up until now”” — a regularly upgraded post.

If you likewise wish to see Big Game advertisement teasers—– and get up to speed on whatever else Super Bowl-related—– bookmark Advertisement Age’’ s Special Report: Super Bowl index page—– which we’’ re likewise continuously upgrading.

Related: The Jason Alexander hoodie displayed in the Tide advertisement above doesn’’ t seem a real thing you can purchase—– yet, a minimum of—– however we did area an, um, appealing Jason Alexander picture collage tee shirt for sale from color sublimation clothing seller Subliworks .

Bonus Bud fond memories journey: ““ Budweiser ’ s biggest Super Bowl business hits,”” thanks to Advertisement Age’’ s Ann-Christine Diaz and E.J. Schultz.

Quiz time.

Which Subway Tunagate heading is the very best Subway Tunagate heading?

A. ““ Subway ’ s tuna doesn ’ t in fact have tuna in it, fit claims, ” per the New York Post.


“B. “ Subway implicated of offering phony tuna in footlong scams suit,”” Fox News reports.


C. “ Subway is taken legal action against after tuna sandwiches are ‘‘ exposed to be anything however tuna’ ’ and ‘ wear ’”t even include FISH, ’ ” per the Daily Mail.


“D. “ Subway ’ s tuna is not tuna,’ however a ‘ mix of different mixtures, ’ a suit declares, ” The Washington Post reports.


CORRECT ANSWER: Since we’’ ve got a soft area for mixes of numerous mixtures—– like this newsletter—– we’’ re going to opt for D.


Essential context: ““ There just is no reality to the claims in the grievance that was submitted in California,” ” a Subway representative informs the New York Post . ““ Subway provides 100% prepared tuna to its dining establishments, which is combined with mayo and utilized in newly made sandwiches, covers and salads that are served to and delighted in by our visitors.” ” Stay tuna-ed.

No- fly.

““ U.S. airline companies had their worst year ever in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a rebound in travel stays evasive in the meantime,” ” The’Wall Street Journal ’ s Alison Sider reports . Southwest Airlines Co. lost nearly$ 3.1 billion and American Airlines Group lost $8.9 billion.

On the bright-ish side: ““ But losses at both Southwest and american were narrower than experts anticipated,” ” Sider notes.


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Big (box) information.

““ Walmart has actually reached a handle The Trade Desk to establish a programmatic purchasing platform utilizing the merchant’’ s information to position advertisements outside Walmart homes as part of a wider strategy to end up being a leading 10 gamer in the U.S. advertisement company within 5 years,” ” Advertisement Age ’ s Jack Neff reports .


What that ’ s going to take: Neff keeps in mind that striking the leading 10 ““ would likely need north of $10 billion in earnings and push Walmart past the similarity Verizon Media, Discovery and Spotify.””


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Game( Stop) over?

The legendary GameStop drama we talked about in the previous edition of Wake-Up Call continues to interest. On Thursday, as GameStop’’ s stock continued its rollercoaster flight—– shedding 44% of its worth from Wednesday following an enormous, crazy, logic-free rally driven by retail financiers who invest method excessive time on Reddit’’ s WallStreetBets subreddit—– a fun-while-it-lasted numeration started to embed in. Thursday afternoon, USA Today released a visitor post by Nancy Tengler, primary financial investment officer at Laffer Tengler Investments, headlined ““ You desire a transformation, Redditors? What’’ s your strategy when GameStop collapses?”” (Spoiler: They put on’’ t truly have a strategy, that makes them in some way … additional advanced, possibly?)

The finest line in Tengler’’ s piece comes right at the end: ““ There is some knowledge in the old phrase: Pigs get fat, hogs get butchered.””


See likewise: ““ Trading app Robinhood deals with reaction after positioning constraints on Reddit-fueled stocks,”” per’Advertisement Age ’ s Ilyse Liffreing.


What ’ s next: “ Senate Panel to Hold Hearing Amid GameStop Frenzy, Brown Says,”” per Bloomberg News. The Brown because heading is Senator Sherrod Brown, the inbound chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Because of course: ““ Here Are the 50 Funniest Memes About GameStop and Reddit Trolling the Stock Market,”” from BuzzFeed.

Do inform.

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Just briefly.

Market for variety: She Media is releasing a brand-new advertisement market, utilizing the Google Advertisement Manager platform, that will specifically serve varied audiences , Advertisement Age’’ s Garett Sloane reports.


Still here : ““ Actually, QR Codes Never Went Away,”” per The New York Times.

Advertisement force: ““ Facebook Advertisement Services Let Anyone Target United States Military Personnel,”” Wired reports.

Clean devices: ““ GM intends to stop offering fuel cars by 2035 in carbon neutrality promise,”” per Automotive News.


Driven: ““ Toyota tops VW to end up being world’’ s No. 1 car seller in 2020,”” likewise per Automotive News.

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