Employee Offboarding: How to Keep Data Safe During a Termination

The worker offboarding procedure provides considerable information security threats. The Osterman Research research study Do Ex-Employees Still Have Access to Your Corporate Data? discovered that 89% of staff members had the ability to gain access to delicate business applications well after their departure.

Are you worried about the damage an ended worker could trigger with access to delicate business details, account passwords, and other exclusive information?

Consider this:

.70% of copyright theft takes place within the 90 days prior to a worker’’ s resignation statement (Richard Agnew, Infosecurity Magazine).88% of IT employees have actually specified that they would take delicate information with them if they were fired (CyberArk IT security study on Privileged Account Security &&Compliance). 63 %of staff members have actually suggested that they brought information from their previous company to their present company (Code42 2019 Global Data Exposure Report).

These vulnerabilities require to be attended to as a part of your worker offboarding procedure. Keep checking out for a summary of the cybersecurity threats of inappropriate worker offboarding and to access to a white paper with important info for keeping information safe from expert risks following a termination.

.What Are the Data Security Risks of Offboarding Employees?

Employees remain in the ideal position to take and vandalize delicate business information. They have intimate access to it, expert understanding of the company’’ s systems, and a level of trust that might enable them to take information undiscovered.


Insider information theft doesn ’ t leave out management, either; C-Suite staff members are simply as unsafe. 72% of CEOs surveyed by Code42 have actually specified that they’’ ve taken important intellectual residential or commercial property from their previous companies.

.Information Loss Through Vandalism/Sabotage.

 Two damaged phones with broken screens

Without crucial security controls in location an unhappy staff member can damage business information facilities. Upon hearing that they will be ended, a network engineer at EnerVest reset the business’’ s servers to factory default settings and detached all of their remote backups. This event cost the business 30 days in lost efficiency, with associated expenses surpassing $1 million.

.Lost Competitive Advantage.

63% of staff members in a Code42 report have actually suggested that they brought information from their previous company to their existing company. Staff members that are looking for to shift to a brand-new function might be encouraged to utilize their present company’’ s trade tricks to get a benefit over other candidates.

Departing workers can utilize taken copyright to get a competitive benefit over their previous company, such as the 2 previous General Electric staff members that took information on innovative computer system designs for adjusting turbines along with associated marketing and rates details. The ex-employees utilized their previous company’’ s trade tricks to produce a contending business.

. Data Security ComplianceViolations.

 The typical expense of non-compliance is $14.8 Million, 2.71 times higher than the expense of compliance.

Protected classes of information such as managed information (HIPAA, GDPR, etc) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) might be breached by an ex-employee. Information security compliance structures need robust security controls for making sure the privacy, stability, and accessibility of information.

.If an unhappy ex-employee handles to take this delicate info their previous company is extremely most likely to be held liable for their absence of information security procedures, #ppppp>.

.Why Do Employees Steal Data?Financial Gain.

 A hand counts a number of $100 United States costs

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report discovered that 86% of information breaches are inspired by cash. Confidential information can be a substantial windfall for leaving workers thanks to its fundamental worth for rivals and identity burglars. This information can consist of payment info, personally recognizable details (PII), and trade tricks.

.Feeling Entitled to Intellectual Property.

72% of company decision-makers in the Code42 report think they are entitled to business information that they added to. This information consists of IP such as source code for designers, renders of innovative jobs for designers, and contact info of customers for salesmen.


 Man with a furrowed eyebrow holding a tablet

Employees that are being involuntarily ended from their functions, passed over for a promo, or rejected a wanted raise are most likely to take or undermine business information and associated systems as a method of ““ returning ” at the business.

This isn’’ t unique to uncontrolled terminations either. When a worker willingly picks to resign, intentions for vengeance can still be present. Steps for avoiding staff member information theft should be proactive and continuous to efficiently secure information versus expert dangers.

.Accidental Retention.

 Rogue USB Devices Harm Endpoint Security

Organizations without crucial security controls for handling the circulation of information threat having actually delicate info kept on employee-managed resources such as cloud storage accounts, individual gadgets, and e-mail accounts.

This retention is not always harmful in nature; leaving workers might merely be uninformed that the information is even there, or they might be uninformed of the threats connected with having that information in their ownership.

The possibility of unexpected retention even more stresses the requirement for an IT worker offboarding procedure that genuinely withdraws an ex-employee’’ s access to business systems.

. How to Protect Data During Employee Offboarding.


Is your staff member offboarding procedure prepared to deal with the information security threats of an unhappy ex-employee?


Learn how to keep delicate business information safe throughout staff member offboarding in CurrentWare ’ s brand-new white paper “ How to Keep Data Safe When Offboarding Employees: Insider Threat Management Strategies “For IT &HR Professionals ”


This white paper includes important info that IT &specialists require to understand when deprovisioning an ended worker.

. The Risks Associated With a Data Loss Event. Causes and Motivations of Insider Data Theft. CautionSigns of Insider Data Theft.The Top 10 Best Practices for Mitigating Insider Data Theft. Staff Member Offboarding Checklist for IT Admins. Information Loss Prevention Solutions To Protect Data From Departing Employees.

The worker offboarding procedure provides substantial information security threats. Staff members have intimate gain access toto business information, expert understanding of the company ’ s systems, and a level of trust that can permit them to take information undiscovered. Click here to find out the very best practices for securing delicate information throughout a termination .

. Conclusion.

Insider information theft is a prevalent problem that threatens a company ’ s track record, organization connection, and one-upmanship. The worker offboarding procedure provides among the best chances for expert hazards to take delicate details , copyright, and other essential information.


By integrating a completely prepared offboarding procedure with sophisticated tracking and control over information egress points a company can safeguard their delicate information versus expert hazards.


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