Brand Architecture Strategy For Acquired Brands

 Brand Architecture Strategy For Acquired Brands

Branding Strategy Insider assists marketing oriented leaders and specialists like you construct strong brand names. This is our factor for being. BSI readers understand, we frequently respond to concerns from online marketers . Today we speak with Andre, a Vice President of Marketing in Denver, Colorado who has this concern about transitioning gotten brand names.

““ The insurer I work for just recently gotten a smaller sized, developed business out of state to enable geographical diversity into brand-new markets. We put on’’ t wish to right away rebrand whatever to the moms and dad business brand name, however likewise put on’’ t strategy to keep utilizing the gotten business ’ s brand name as a DBA name much beyond a shift duration that enables insurance policy holders and representatives to get utilized to the brand-new business brand name. Exist some broad techniques or guidelines about how and how rapidly to change from one brand name to another?””


Thanks for your concern Andre. Presuming you have actually currently decided to shift all acquisitions to your brand name’’ s name , the crucial thing is to interact each shift in such a way that the gotten brand name’’ s target market have actually become aware of the shift a minimum of 7 to 12 times prior to it is totally performed. In this method, they will associate the brand-new name and identity with the previous name and identity.

This can be achieved through interaction or by that and connecting the 2 names/identities for an amount of time. You can render the obtained brand name as a sub-brand of your brand name or it can be backed by your brand name for possibly a year or 2 prior to the obtained brand name is dropped and changed by your brand name. On the side of care, I would likewise check out any associations the obtained brand name’’ s target market have with your brand name’’ s name/identity simply in case there are any complicated or unfavorable associations that require to be attended to prior to the shift.

Don’t Forget About The People

So typically, business simply enforce brand name modification on the culture without adequate factor to consider for what their individuals stand to lose or get emotionally from the shift. They concentrate on the business restructure at the expenditure of the psychological restructure. By stopping working to utilize the tradition of the existing brand name, or the enjoyment and strength of the brand-new, they frequently lose the transformational chance that a modification in brand name ownership represents.

What you will finish with the brand name( s) you get is a crucial factor to consider for every single business seeking to take control of another’’ s properties. You have after all most likely paid great cash for them. Understanding the worth they have, and the worth they might have, or will never ever accomplish , is crucial to turning balance-sheet goodwill into margin-enhancing brand name equity. Frequently, business make choices after the brand names themselves have actually been gotten and based upon policy or structure instead of thoroughly analyzing ahead of time how they can attain the best psychological effect in their markets and for their clients, future and existing.

Andre, I hope this is valuable. See here for more on the complexeties of brand name method for acquisitions and mergers and brand name architecture .

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