Are all bikes gravel bikes? Testing a theory in the Pyrenees

Marketing drivel, all of us like it. Brand names like to pitch their items as the supreme in a set classification. Be it the fastest, comfiest, the stiffest – – you understand I’m sure.

We’re offered items to do a particular task. They’re put in little boxes, in classifications, and marketed as perfect for their meant usage and little else. Should we think this narrow focus? Does whatever need to be so particular?

Or can we simply… … trip?

I just recently had a Twitter discussion that got me believing. Generally, the essence of the message was that a particular icon of the sport, Mr Tom Ritchey to be accurate, has actually been understood to declare that “all bikes are gravel bikes,” or words to that result. And I’m bloody sure I’ve heard him state them to me personally – – if I’m sincere I’ve got a couple of uncut interviews over a number of hours with him on my computer system where I’m quite damn sure he discusses it, I simply didn’t have the time to browse to examine. And you understand what, I think him, or a minimum of I think him to a point. Why would not you, he’s TOM “I assisted begin the mtb trend” RITCHEY!


By possibility, I have a Ritchey Logic disc in my (little) fleet of bikes at the minute. It’s in my garage for another task, however it in some way appeared disrespectful not to put Tom Ritchey’s claim to the test on among his own developments, a development that’s marketed as a “roadway bike”.

This is Dave’s quizzical face. Simply take a look at him attempting to exercise if “all bikes are gravel bikes”.

Also by opportunity, I’m in the French Pyrenees, not a bad location to spin the legs. And on top of that, I simply occur to be remaining in Bagneres-de-Bigorre . A town that’s seen a couple of Tour de France phase completes throughout the years, it’s frequently on the path.

Just in 2015 the Tour had a phase surface here. You’ll no doubt remember it more for the hoo-ha that involved midway through the phase when Rohan Dennis pulled the pin not simply on the Tour however on his time with Bahrain-Merida. To be sincere, I can’t even remember who won that phase now; the Aussie took the spotlight that day.

When the race isn’t here, the surface straight is a peaceful street, large enough for the Tour’s facilities and fans. It’s not even in the good part of town. And this is where the 2nd part of today’s video enters play. Yeah, it’s a double expense.

Grand Tour goal are often in the oddest of locations, and even if they’re in wonderful mountain tops, they do not typically exceed where the tarmac stops. This had me questioning: what’s beyond the goal? What are we missing out on?

So with the Ritchey under me, my tires at a reasonable pressure, I handled the Col d’Aspin. Or to be more exact, I handled the dirty, gravel and potholed roadways that the peloton prevents.

Oh, and if I’ve got it incorrect that Sir Ritchey has never ever stated such things as I’m declaring he has, I apologise. I’m damn sure he would if I asked.

The Route

I did somthing like this, it’s quite damn unique:

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