6 Strategies to Help CFOs Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/rFUFqjEKzfY

The COVID-19 crisis is a big obstacle to organizations today. As the circumstance progresses, it’’ s important that the C-Suite can guide their business securely through. CFOs require to be prepared to handle monetary problems in transformative and ingenious methods. Here are 6 techniques to assist CFOs browse the COVID-19 crisis.

.Develop A Crisis Response Team.

Rather than anticipating your finest and brightest to divide their time, re-assign them to concentrate on the circumstance at hand. If you’’ re an international business, make the most of innovations like organization VoIP to have a virtual ‘‘ war space ’ to enhance team effort instead of depending on regional contacts.


Quantify what money your business has offered instantly, what additional capital you can access, and what payments you have due. The quicker you can develop a precise projection of your monetary circumstance, the much better. See if it ’ s possible to talk about the regards to any payments you have, or hold-up future financial investments.


Many of your customers and consumers will be struck with comparable problems, and might wind up postponing payments. This group and their strategy require to be able to choose whether to hang out on collections or to try to find alternative choices. They might consist of tapping brand-new credit lines or raising capital through divestitures.

. Digitalize And Stay Remote.

There is one location that it ’ s worth investing cash into, even with the monetary difficulties you ’ re dealing with, which ’ s digitalization. Instead of attempting to prepare for when you can go back to workplaces, see the number of your personnel can remain remote – and equip them with the – needed tools.


This does need a preliminary financial investment, however a number of these tools will spend for themselves with time. Whatever the system your staff members utilize you can make sure there are choices for everybody. From video conferencing software application for Mac to labor force management software application. Which is fantastic for enhancing your scheduling and lower functional expenses.


Treat digitalization as irreversible, not short-term. This will put you in a helpful position if future waves of the pandemic take place, as your organization will currently be well geared up.

. File Everything.

As you move whatever online, you need to record whatever – digitally. When it concerns huge information for company it ’ s essential to record brand-new workflows that emerge out of digitalization , to enable compromises or brand-new personnel to be trained rapidly. It might appear laborious, however it can prevent pricey errors in the future. If you ’ re thoroughly recording whatever you upgrade, you won ’ t unintentionally breach information storage laws.


This must likewise consist of making certain all of your paper records have available online variations. If you begin utilizing payroll software application, guarantee there are available digital variations of previous payslips readily available to everybody, as well as brand-new ones.

. Interact.

One thing that is extremely demanding is the unpredictability of the scenario. You might not have responses for whatever, however you can make the responses you do have quickly available.


Together with your crisis group, deal with an interaction strategy. Have different prepare for how to proactively interact with the C-Suite, your financiers, and the rest of your personnel base. Having a linked labor force is necessary for healing, so wear ’ t forget you require to be part of those connections too!


While the focus of this strategy must be on what you can inform them – what actions you ’ re taking, what the projection resembles – it ’ s likewise worth being open about what you can ’ t. This is specifically beneficial for your on-the-ground workers. If you’can ’ t properly provide a date for going back to the workplace, then wear ’ t guess. It ’ s far much better to state you ’ re uncertain however are going for completion’of the year than to alter the strategy monthly.

. Increase Short-Term Productivity.

Focusing just on the long-term can lose out on possible chances. McKinsey and Company saw that lots of business who were durable in the face of crises attained this by buying short-term efficiency.

. If there ’ s anything you can do to increase development now, #ppppp> Take an action back and believe. This can consist of things like tossing more energy into ecommerce or creating brand-new items matched to consumers ’ instant requirements.

. Get Ready For Multiple Possibilities.

It ’ s worth having a finest case and worst case circumstance drew up ahead of time, in addition to alternatives in between. You might not have the ability to forecast what ’ s going to occur, however you can have a choice of well-planned alternatives offered to you.


Here ’ s another location where digitalization can be beneficial to you – there ’ s a great deal of methods to utilize AI for threat management . Utilizing artificial intelligence and cloud computing can take the tension off your crisis group and permit them to focus their efforts somewhere else.


Any possibility you plan need to be approached from a transformative state of mind. Instead of intending to ‘ return to typical ’, begin envisioning what the ‘ brand-new typical ’ need to be, and take actions to attain it. This will permit you to progress, instead of simply hold on to what came in the past.