5 Types of Social Media Posts to Engage your Followers

When planning to produce and publish content to get followers to engage, there are number of parameters that must be taken into account. The type of message you like to pass on to your followers, is one of them. Whether it’s a new feature review you’d like to share, or important data you’ve collected, maybe to get their feedback, or make them share your content and more. That type of message should be converted to a type of social media post that will get the desired result and make your followers engage.

Here are the Top 5 Types of Social Media Posts to Engage your Followers:


1. Competitions

Competitions and sweepstakes are a great way to make followers take action in order to win your competition, which might benefit them (if they win) and there is no doubt about the fact your brand will gain its’ benefit too. The common and successful way is, to encourage your followers to share your content by engaging your Likes & Shares competition, or encourage them to create their own content and add a pre-defined hashtag related to your business or brand. Competitions drive user-generated content that will increase your online presence through the social network.

Here are some great social competition ideas:


Tag-a-friend that…
Comment/Like to win
Post your photo while…
Trivia questionnaire
Instagram stories / Facebook post / Youtube video contest


2. Polls and Surveys

Polls are another great type of social media post and a good way to make your followers interact, take action, and get the data you’re looking for. Getting feedback from your followers and customers can help with improving the process of your marketing activity, improve your product, and better prepare your next feature before the go-to-market stage. Polls and surveys are the easy way to drive your audience to engage and provide you with the answer of what are their pain-points, what increases their revenue and what they would like to have in such platform or product like yours, and not less important – voting can drive excitement! Instagram, for example, added the polling option to its Stories feature and made it visual and interactive. There are many awesome and free tools out there to create in-post polls and surveys, like EX.CO (14 days free trial), Apester, Poll-Maker and many more.

Types of Social Media Posts


3. Infographics

Infographics are usually a success because they are a great tool for visual teaching and learning, as they work with our brain. An Infographic is a data visualization technique, and The visual information processing process is much faster than reading text. It not only looks nice on social media but also has power and can create impact and become viral. Infographics are fun to look at, talks to our common sense and provides us with data, whether it is important data or just some entertaining information.

Here are some tips to make awesome infographic:


Make it simple:
Define the colors scheme and plan the visual data. Make sure the image is not overcrowded and all details are noticeable.
Please, not too much data:
You want your followers to get your point, don’t confuse them.
Match the infographic to the social network:
Format design is important. Long scrolling, for example, might not work well on some channels.

Types of Social Media Posts


4. Videos

YouTube exists exactly for video-posts, allowing you to share your video-post on other social networks and also embed your video on your website. Videos usually get more exposure on social media and generate more engagements compared to other types of social media posts.

Why Video is one of the most impactful digital marketing tool for your social media strategy:


Videos get high attention.
Videos increase trust and credibility.
Videos encourage a high response rate.
Videos lead to high engagement rates.
Videos help position you as an expert in your field.

Types of Social Media Posts


5. Livestreams

Another nowadays awesome type of social media post is Livestream. Livestreaming on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, positioning you in the social scene. Showing a human face alongside your business, increases interest in your business and product, increases customer loyalty and creates trust. Livestream can be recorded to become a video, so you can share it with those who missed the live event.

Benefits of Livestreams:


Reach a wider audience.
Run a commentary about your topic.
Get immediate feedback.
Drive action to gain prospects’ contact details.

Types of Social Media Posts


What types of social media post works best for you?

Polls and Surveys