5 Pieces of Advice for Using Categories and Tags on Your Blog

Blogging for SEO has plenty of obstacles: what to blog about, what keywords to utilize, structuring your post with headers and images. You understand there are a great deal of things to think about, however something many individuals wear’’ t think is whether they’’ re utilizing the blog site classifications and tags to their benefit.


The reality is that I see more individuals doing things with classifications and tags that injure their SEO, instead of assist it. As a solution, Monika Jansen and I talk through 5 pointers to assist you correctly make use of classifications and tags on your blog site. Invest 4 minutes viewing the video or keep reading for the ideas.

.Arrange your material with tags and classifications.

Anytime you go to a supermarket you understand that comparable kinds of food will be organized together. Too ought to comparable blog site posts be organized together, due to the fact that this will make things much simpler for visitors to your blog site. Tags and classifications can be considered a book’’ s tabulation, assisting users to the info they’’ re looking for.

.Usage broad classifications on your blog site.

You wear’’ t require a various classification for each post you compose– that’’ s where tags are available in. Classifications need to be broad, and structured by SEO keywords.

At Social Light we utilize the following 5 classifications:

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.e-mail marketing.sites.SEO.social networks.small company (a basic classification for anything that doesn’’ t fit nicely in the very first 4).Don’’ t usage a lot of tags.’

Don ’ t make the error of’believing it ’ s a great concept to put a lots tags on each post you compose. Blog site tags are various from YouTube tags, so they won’’ t increase your traffic. Tags are actually not that beneficial from an SEO perspective.

The genuine function of tags is to arrange comparable material for readers. If a reader sees a tag on a post, they’’ re provided the impression that there ’ s more content on a comparable subject. It ’ s a disappointment when they click a tag and see absolutely nothing however the post they’’ ve currently check out.

.Prevent publishing replicate material.

Another concern with utilizing a lot of tags is that it can lead to replicate material on your blog site, which is something that will work versus you on Google. When for each tag, keep in mind that a single piece of material is published. If you have actually 3 tags connected to a blog site post that are not utilized anywhere else, you’’ ll end up with 3 extra variations of the post and frustrate Google.

.Usage no greater than one classification and 5 tags per post.

Think about company like a cookbook. Every dish is positioned in one chapter, however it may appear in the index numerous times with the active ingredients. Usage that formula for you blog sites.

Yes, there are times that a blog site subject will cross the line and have the ability to suit a couple various classifications. Withstand the desire to put them in whatever that fits, and pick the very best match.

As we discussed, it’’ s not a great concept to exaggerate it with tags. You’’ re much better off without any tags than a lot of, so ensure you restrict yourself to 5 tags per post.

Want more pointers on enhancing SEO for your blog site? Make the most of my series Two Weeks to a Better Google Rank .

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