5 Meaningful Sample Employee Recognition Letters

 staff member acknowledgment letter

Recognizing staff members is something every company requires to focus on. Organizations that rank their culture of acknowledgment extremely are:

.3 times most likely to see increased staff member retention.2.5 times most likely to see increased staff member engagement.2.25 times most likely to offer regular acknowledgment.79 percent most likely to offer their company brand name a high ranking.

But understanding how to reveal acknowledgment can be challenging, specifically when putting your ideas down in composing. Which’’ s without taking into account customizing acknowledgment to fit the lots of digital channels now offered. To compose a terrific acknowledgment letter, you require to comprehend why and how workers wish to be acknowledged, in addition to how to prepare letters for each scenario. The examples and suggestions here will get you begun with offering significant messages of acknowledgment in no time.

.What is an acknowledgment letter?

An acknowledgment letter is a message of gratitude sent out to a worker. It can be anything from sharing a note of thanks, acknowledging a current win, or sending out a message of congratulations. And it’’ s among the most reliable methods to acknowledge staff members: 85 percent of experts wish to get thanks every day, and 36 percent of females, in addition to 28 percent of males, choose that thanks to remain in composing.

When producing an acknowledgment letter, keep the concepts of R.I.S.E. in mind:

 RISE staff member acknowledgment programs finest practices

You need to likewise benefit from all readily available tools to make sending out and composing acknowledgment messages as simple and enjoyable as possible. With a staff member acknowledgment platform, you can send out acknowledgments in a matter of seconds and acknowledge several staff members in a single message. You can even connect each acknowledgment to a business worth, which can pay big dividends —– companies that have actually cultures lined up with their worths are 6 times more effective than their rivals.

Make sure you pick a worker acknowledgment platform that uses all the functions you require to make both getting and offering acknowledgment a terrific experience.

Bonus idea: For more details on finest practices for acknowledgment, have a look at these webinars by HR specialist Meghan M. Biro on the significance of regular acknowledgment and how to form a culture of acknowledgment .

.5 sample acknowledgment letters.

Here are 5 sample staff member acknowledgment letters that might be sent out personally as a note or openly on your staff member acknowledgment platform. Keep in mind to constantly keep R.I.S.E. in the back of your mind when composing an acknowledgment letter, and make an effort to guarantee each message is both motivating and particular.

.1. Acknowledging a peer.

Fostering peer-to-peer acknowledgment is a basic part of including acknowledgment into your organizational culture. Gartner has actually discovered that peer acknowledgment can improve staff member efficiency by approximately 14 percent. Peers understand each other the finest and have the most chances for revealing gratitude.

Encourage your staff member to acknowledge each other in the spirit of this example letter:

Hi Evan,

Thank you for the amazing support with putting the completing discuss my discussion the other day. The pointers you attended to presenting brand-new staff member to our advancement platform are going to make the onboarding procedure a lot more effective. And the technical information you offered totally altered my viewpoint on how to structure the tutorial on utilizing the platform for the very first time. I can’’ t state just how much I value you sharing your know-how on such brief notification.

You’’ ve constantly been our technical master, and your enthusiasm for your work is clear to me every day. Some individuals may believe that ““ Exceed ” is simply an expression in our objective declaration, however you truly live it. That implies something.

The discussion was a struck with our CTO, and he’’ s thinking about producing more training discussions for all the tools we utilize. I ensured to call out your contributions, and I’’d love to keep interacting on this amazing brand-new job! It wouldn’’ t have actually been possible without you.


Sincerely,. Sarah


This example particularly calls out the associate ’ s habits and ties it to a business worth, which assists incentivize even more favorable actions and construct your culture. And by keeping in mind that the author called out their coworker’’ s contributions to management, the letter develops trust and reinforces relationships in between the 2 peers.

.2. Acknowledgment from supervisors.

Managers are the people most staff members aim to for acknowledgment, and with great factor. Your manager is accountable for comprehending your skills and putting them to utilize, and seeing that they value the outcomes of your effort is exceptionally crucial. There’’ s a factor that “ individuals leave supervisors, not business ” —– supervisors are accountable for 70 percent of difference in worker engagement.

Recognition from supervisors shows up and acts as an example to the remainder of the group. 28 percent of staff members state that acknowledgment from their supervisor is the most remarkable, and 58 percent of staff members believe they would have a much better relationship with their supervisor if acknowledgment were practiced more regularly.

See how significant acknowledgment from management can be in this acknowledgment letter:

Hi LeeAnn,

Wow —– the method you contributed in the customer conference previously today was amazing!

I was truly anticipating how you managed taking the lead on setting out our brand-new marketing project, and you knocked it out of the park. You set out validations in information for each action we’’d taken in their previous project, and your proficiency of the information we’’ ve gathered let you note the outstanding outcomes we’’ ve attained plainly and concisely. Not just did you show the favorable effect our work has actually had, you had a strategy prepared that wed our winning technique to their particular issues, and you were all set to lay everything out. I’’ ve never ever seen a staff member exhibit our core worth of driving success so well.

You were an outright rock star. I’’ m positive that with the roadmap you set out today with our customer, we’’ re on the course to success. We’’ re fortunate to have you on our group. Keep exceeding and beyond and huge things will be coming your method.

I’’ m motivating everybody else on the group to acknowledge you. I understand that you’’ ll discover a terrific benefit in the brochure to redeem the numerous points coming your method!


Thanks for all that you do,.Phoebe


The letter is focused around acknowledging a single accomplishment, and it thoroughly keeps in mind precisely why the staff member’’ s actions were so effective. This sort of support is essential for keeping staff members inspired and constantly driving success. If your business has a points-based acknowledgment program in location, keep in mind to consist of the note above about discovering a ““ terrific benefit in the brochure to redeem” ” when consisting of points with your acknowledgment. This advises employee that they have the chance to choose a benefit that in fact matters to them instead of using yet another years of service award or top quality mug.

.3. Acknowledgment from the C-suite.

Leaders must focus on acknowledgment to function as an example for staff member throughout the company. And acknowledgment from the greatest levels of management is the most noticeable and has the best effect: 44 percent of staff members most worth being acknowledged by leaders above the manager level.

Here’’ s a real-life example of a significant acknowledgment letter from the C-suite just recently prepared by Achievers’ ’ CEO and President, Jeff Cates .

 Jeff Cates CEO Achievers Aspire acknowledgment on Achievers platform

Jeff sent out the acknowledgment above to all staff members on Aspire, Achievers’ acknowledgment program, through a company-wide newsfeed. Keep in mind how it plainly focuses on the health and wellness of all staff member —– exhibiting Achievers’ ’ core concept of ““ It ’ — s individuals ”– and concentrates on how management can support the remainder of the company, instead of the reverse. Utilizing an acknowledgment platform makes it simple for all staff members at Achievers, consisting of the C-suite, to acknowledge other staff member daily.

.4. Acknowledging a turning point.

While acknowledgment ought to be an everyday event, that doesn’’ t suggest that acknowledging anniversaries and turning points is unimportant. Revealing workers that your company values their significant accomplishments makes all the distinction and makes workers feel discovered. You can even think about offering this acknowledgment in the kind of a digital event card that permits all employee to include unique messages or perhaps enjoyable images and GIFs.

Take an appearance at this thoughtful message acknowledging a crucial turning point:

Hello There Bill,

Congratulations on your very first work anniversary as an Account Manager. I wished to take a minute to let you understand that I’’ ve discovered and valued your quality in the function up until now.

I had actually dealt with you formerly as an expert on numerous customer accounts, so I understood that you were appropriate for this brand-new position. I’’ ve seen you get used to your brand-new concentrate on customer success and complete satisfaction rapidly and expertly. And I’’ ve heard the numerous favorable client remarks in the conferences we’’ ve both remained in. Serving with you on our item committee has actually likewise enabled me to see that you’’ re as excited as ever to handle extra duties. In specific, I actually valued your aid with determining and dealing with inadequacies in the business’’ s sales handoff procedure, which I believe will have a huge effect throughout the business for several years to come.

It’’ s been an opportunity to deal with you throughout the in 2015, and I’’ m eagerly anticipating seeing you continue to do fantastic things here.


This message of acknowledgment is suitable for anybody, whether they’’ re a coworker, supervisor, and even an executive. It’’ s crucial to take a thorough take a look at all the achievements connected to the turning point while still putting in the time to focus on some particular information. This example is likewise motivating and highlights the celebrations’ ’ joint participation in a committee, which reveals that the author really values her connection with the recipient.

.5. Acknowledging a brand-new hire.

Recognition must become part of the whole worker experience , beginning with the day somebody signs up with the company. Focusing on culture when working with and throughout the onboarding procedure assists favorably form a worker’’ s ideas and sensations about their brand-new company. You then require to get staff member included with getting and offering acknowledgment as quickly as possible so they comprehend this vital part of your business culture. Including them in this essential business practice will produce a sense of belonging and connection that enhances staff member engagement and assists counter contemporary patterns of disconnection .

Provide your current hires with acknowledgment letters like these early and frequently:

Hello There Kelsey,

You’’ ve just been with us for a couple weeks, however I’’ m currently seeing your effect here daily. You’’ ve excelled in training, and your fast grasp of your duties has actually paid early dividends. Your work the other day debugging the current variation of our e-mail marketing tool was particularly excellent and assisted us roll it out previously than expected.

But it’’ s not simply your work —– your mindset and fit with the group are remarkable. I’’ ve saw that other brand-new staff member are concerning you often with concerns, and their rely on you speaks volumes. I likewise truly value you signing up with the event preparation committee and taking an active function on it. Living by our worths of team effort and neighborhood will take you far.

If there’’ s anything I can do to assist you as you’’ re advancing in your very first year here, please wear’’ t think twice to connect. Thanks once again for striking the ground running.


It’’ s never ever prematurely to begin acknowledging a brand-new worker. You can even think about sending out a message within the very first day or more to begin incentivizing habits you’’ ve seen and wish to see more of. The letter above calls out particular favorable actions and uses the assistance brand-new hires require to stand out.

 acknowledgment letter

.Make acknowledgment simple with the best platform.

Social acknowledgment is an important part of any acknowledgment program. According to a current Achievers study , almost one in 3 Americans desire acknowledgment from a supervisor or associate, whether it’’ s individual acknowledgment or public acknowledgment. And the very best method to offer prompt, regular messages of acknowledgment is by utilizing a staff member acknowledgment platform like Achievers Recognize.

Achievers Recognize is an acclaimed platform that all staff members can utilize to quickly send out and get points-based and social acknowledgment from anywhere, with the objective of cultivating a genuine culture of acknowledgment. It includes a company-wide newsfeed, digital event cards, and robust reporting abilities that offer HR and supervisors insight into acknowledgment activity throughout the office. It likewise integrates the concepts of RISE by motivating regular acknowledgment —– staff member won’’ t be pleased with a yearly pat on the back —– and letting workers clearly connect acknowledgments to business worths.

Achievers Recognize regularly beats the competitors, and the information reveals it . Achievers clients are:

.107 percent most likely to offer their culture of acknowledgment a high score than companies that wear’’ t usage acknowledgment innovation.3.6 times most likely than consumers of other suppliers to offer acknowledgment numerous times monthly.2.5 times most likely to see increased staff member retention.36 percent most likely to see a boost in staff member engagement.

Interested in making acknowledgment simple? Take a test drive of Achievers Recognize today to get going.

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