10 Baby Boomer Marketing Strategies That Drive Leads

The kind of services and items you use ought to determine which generations you market to.

For example, if you offer severe sports items, your target market is going to be millennials. If you offer something associated to retirement or an offering that would appeal to older grownups, you’’ ll absolutely desire to consist of child boomers in your marketing strategy.

There are over 76 million individuals who fall under this generation . It is a special generation filled with individuals who wish to get one of the most they can out of every day and a few of whom decline to retire silently.

Understanding what infant boomers desire can assist you form an effective marketing method.

.Who Are Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers consist of anybody who was born in between 1946 and 1964. This audience age variety consists of individuals around 56 to 74 years of ages in 2020. Since of the boost in births after World War II throughout a terrific financial boom, they were provided the name child boomers.

They endured the increase of TELEVISION, numerous political demonstrations, the civil liberties motion in the U.S., the females’s freedom motion, and the ever-popular Woodstock. These occasions, no doubt, formed and affected who they are.

Some boomer qualities consist of the following:

.Self-assuredness.Strong work principles.Competitive.Disciplined.Resourceful.Group oriented.Psychologically focused.

Most of the infant boomer generation didn’t mature with innovation like later generations, which indicates they might have a various method to acquiring items.

However, you might be shocked by a few of their character characteristics, consisting of the following:

.They are more solvent with more non reusable earnings than other generations.They are less affected by peers.They buy more things online than millennials.About half of child boomers watch videos online.Facebook is their preferred social networks platform.

Essentially, infant boomers are an excellent generation that still has a great deal of significance in today’s market. This is where the principle of generational marketing enters into play.

.What Is Generational Marketing?

Generational marketing is a marketing method that sectors particular generations. In generational marketing, a business tends to adjust their marketing messages to fit the requirements of their target generation.

The marketing techniques a business utilizes depend on the typical qualities and habits of the generation.

Some of the living generations today consist of:

.Silents: Born 1927 – – 1945. Infant Boomers: Born 1946 – – 1964. Generation X: Born 1965 – – 1981. Millennials: Born 1982 – – 1996. Generation Z: Born 1997 – – Present.

Baby boomers are especially special due to the fact that they have the greatest worth as customers on the marketplace today! To benefit from this, you should understand how to market to them in such a way that is important to them and to your service.

.How to Market to Baby Boomers: 10 of the very best Examples and methods.

Here are 10 pointers to assist drive marketing tailored towards child boomers:

.1. Prevent Slang and Abbreviations.

Even though infant boomers are a lot more hip than some may believe, it is best to keep away from slang or abbreviations that may be puzzling to this crowd.

They are utilized to texting with their grandchildren, however those texts consist of correct grammar, and abbreviations typically need to be discussed. In your marketing efforts, ensure you are spelling things out and being clear. Abbreviations can cause confusion for any generation.

.2. Ensure Sites Are Mobile Responsive.

Just since older individuals often deal with innovation doesn’’ t mean they put on ’ t own the most recent devices. A little over half of individuals in between the ages of 60 and 69 own a smart device.


That number leaps for those in the 50 to 59 years of age variety, with 73 percent of those individuals owning a smart device . With most of infant boomers owning a mobile phone, it’’ s crucial that your site is mobile responsive.


Camping World does an excellent task of preserving consistency in between their desktop and mobile sites. At the very same time, the website is responsive for smaller sized screens, enabling consumers to search or RVs quickly from a mobile phone.

Note how the image includes an older couple with their extended household.

 camping world

.3. Prevent Clickbait.

Baby boomers are clever. They aren’’ t going to succumb to clickbait posts. If you wear’’ t come right out and inform them what the short article has to do with, they aren’’ t going to trouble with it.


However, if you provide what you need to use in an in advance method, then they are most likely to click it as long as the subject relates to them.

.4. Supply Helpful Information.

Baby boomers are fully grown. They’’ ve been on this earth for a long time and they put on’’ t have time for a lot of rubbish. They desire info that will assist them live their lives to the max.

They desire it in advance and accurate. They will run with that info and feel they are geared up to make the finest choice possible if you provide child boomers the details they require.

Medical Guardian provides a blog site that offers info to assist senior citizens live healthy, complete lives. They cover a range of subjects, consisting of individual financial resources for elders, how to age effectively, and even pointers on how to understand if you require a medical alert system.

 medical guardian

.5. Figure Out the very best Social Media Platform.

When it concerns marketing on social networks, you require to determine where elders gather. Despite the fact that Instagram and Snapchat are popular, growing platforms, they are not a lot so with infant boomers.

About 90 percent of them mention they choose Facebook over Instagram. The crucial to marketing to this generation is finding out where they gather and connecting through Facebook advertisements.

.6. Don’’ t Use Hashtags.

About half of infant boomers state they’’ ve never ever utilized a hashtag. A fast post with hashtags may appear like an excellent concept to reach individuals browsing for that tag, it might not be efficient with infant boomers and may simply puzzle them.

Instead, simply state what you suggest in advance and prevent cutesy hashtags. If you utilize a hashtag, keep it to a single word and wear’’ t attempt to put in hashtag expressions.

Look at how AARP markets to its members and possible members on Twitter. Although they are on the website that is the king of hashtags, they wear’’ t utilize a hashtag to provide this brief video. Rather, they utilize simple text and realities to pull the user in.

 aarp on twitter

.7. Offer Great Customer Service.When there were no cell phones or automated makers that communicated with them as consumers, #ppppp> Baby boomers grew up in a time. They like individually interactions as a group, and they value business that exceed and beyond to reveal that they are a vital part of business.

If your target market is infant boomers, take a look at the world through their eyes and determine where your interactions may do not have the human touch.

.8. Never Ever Use the Word ““ Old.”.

Remove the word ““ old ” from your vocabulary. Despite the fact that they may be over 60, they wear’’ t feel old. Infant boomers as a generation are living older than generations prior to.

They wish to invest every minute of that time experiencing life, going and taking a trip the world on experiences. Be conscious of copy that is a bit condescending about their age.

T-Mobile appears to have actually recognized that increasingly more Boomers are purchasing mobile phones. Their current marketing concentrates on worth for the 55 plus customer, which is something this generation values.


Yet, no place in their marketing do they state that their strategies are for senior citizens. Doing so may even restrict your marketing efforts due to the fact that even a project targeted to senior citizens can affect other generations.

.9. Target Their Money to Spend.

Even though there are more millennials than child boomers, 70 percent of the non reusable earnings in the United States remains in the hand of boomers . Comprehending that this age has cash to invest and wants to purchase the most recent devices and innovation will alter the method you market.

Boomers have cash to invest, however they wish to invest it sensibly, so make a case for why your item will be an excellent match for them and why it is the very best option out there.

.10. Dedicate Information to Improving Lifestyle.

When producing your marketing project , focus on how your service or product will enhance the infant boomer’’ s way of life. This is the generation that saw tvs enter every house and started to utilize telephones for whatever.

Even though they do choose in person interactions, they likewise will go on the internet. They likewise do not mind investing cash on a little convenience and high-end due to the fact that they have non reusable earnings. Interest how you can enhance their lives, and you have a much better opportunity of offering to them.

.Marketing Strategies Targeting Baby Boomers.

To efficiently market to any generation, you require to comprehend the fundamentals of what makes that generation distinct. Research study the time duration in which child boomers matured, speak with individuals because age and take a look at generalizations about the generation as a whole.

At the very same time, nevertheless, know that everyone is a person. You need to discover the precise mix that works to reach those who have an interest in what you need to use.