Shrek’s Email Marketing Masterclass

I’ll admit with no shame in any way…

I’ve simply watched Shrek.

(Taunt me all you want, buddy!)

I recollect first seeing it inside the cinema as a child and thinking it changed into the good aspect ever.

I imply, what kid doesn’t need to see a inexperienced ogre beating the hell out of a load of knights in a wrestling ring?

But what’s awesome about Shrek is that it’s also a “feel good” movie that adults can enjoy, too.

Plus there’s also some cracking songs in it that make you want to sing alongside whilst leaping around the residence naked (or maybe it is simply me… )

Anyway, in the midst of gorging on pizza and home made popcorn, something Shrek says to Princess Fiona about what it is like to be an ogre sincerely struck a chord with me:

“After a while, you learn how to forget about the names human beings name you and simply agree with who you’re.”

And the cause why this struck me so tough?

Because it’s EXACTLY what I might say to someone asking how I deal with people criticising me… ‘specially when I write a arguable email.

(And in case you’re doing e-mail proper (and by “proper”, I suggest in a manner that makes you plenty of wonga) you then’re continually gonna get humans messaging you after you send out a non-vanilla e-mail that ruffles a few feathers.)

Yes, before everything, the criticism hurt and I took it in my view.

So I “toned down” my emails.

But you recognize what happened when I did this?

I started out making LESS money.

Because my emails had been now boring.

And “uninteresting” would not sell 1/2 in addition to being entertaining, barely controversial, and especially… Being yourself.

Now concentrate:

When YOU begin writing each day emails this manner (which you genuinely have to in case you need to make a serious amount of wonga), you are gonna get some pathetic human beings in your electronic mail list respond to you…

Telling you the way “unprofessional” you are.

Telling you to tone it down.

Telling you to not have an opinion approximately things.

But whilst this occurs, just make certain you do a “Shrek”. Ignore these humans. And trust in who you’re and what you’re doing.

You’ll be happier.

You’ll be mentally more potent.


You’ll be richer.